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All Hugr-Rip Bracer Power Locations

Scott Peers

This page details where you can find all of the Hugr-Rip Bracer powers in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC for AC Valhalla. Includes the Power of Muspelheim, Power of the Raven, Power of Jotunheim, Power of Winter, and Power of Rebirth.

How to Find All Hugr-Rip Bracer Powers

There are a total of five powers that can be found for your Hugr-Rip Bracer, each offering a unique ability which will help you navigate or fight in Svartalfheim.

Power Effect Duration
Power of Muspelheim Lava and Fire do not inflict damage. Giants perceive you as Muspel until provoked 25 seconds (35 seconds after upgrade)
Power of the Raven Shapeshift into a Raven and take to the skies to reach new heights. You can land on any flat solid surface 30 seconds (50 seconds after upgrade)
Power of Jotunheim Aim your bow and shoot at World Knots to teleport. Dodges & rolls teleport you. Giants perceive you as Jotun 25 seconds (can be extended per assassination after upgrade)
Power of Winter Deal 30% more damage to Muspels. Attacks gradually freeze enemies who can be shattered ’when frozen solid 20 seconds
Power of Rebirth Your weapon is set ablaze and can ignite enemies. Deceased foes resurrect to fight on your side. 40 seconds

You can only have two Powers active at any given time. If you wish to use another power, you must first find a source in the open world, then slot it to a Hugr-Rip Bracer quick slot, replacing one of the two that you previously had slotted as active. In addition, not all enemies will drop a source for the power, so you may need to kill a few before you find one that does. Although not all enemies have Powers ready to be extracted from them, you will still gain some Hugr after each kill, which is required to use the Powers.

(1 of 4) Here you can see two Jotnar enemies who have the icons for the Power of Jotunehim (left) and the Power of Winter (right) above their heads.

Where to Find the Power of Muspelheim

The Power of Muspelheim is the first one that you’ll encounter in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC. You’ll find it during the Gift to the God quest, as you make your way to the Jordber Shelter with Sigrun and Halstein. You need to interact with the corpse of a fallen Muspel to obtain the power initially. If you replace the Power of Muspelheim for a different Power later, you’ll need to kill some Muspels to obtain it again.

Where to Find the Power of the Raven

The Power of the Raven can be acquired from most Giant Ravens, a new type of enemy which can often be found feasting on animal corpses in the open world. There’s no shortage of Ravens so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating one, however there’s a particularly reliable spot just outside the Jordber Shelter, towards the west, as shown in the images below.

(1 of 2) The location of the spot to the west of the Jordber Shelter, where you'll find two ravens feasting on a corpse.

The location of the spot to the west of the Jordber Shelter, where you'll find two ravens feasting on a corpse. (left), You can kill the ravens here and interact with the corpse to obtain the Power of the Raven. (right)

Where to Find the Power of Jotunheim

The Power of Jotunheim can be acquired from Jotnar enemies. These can be found throughout Svartalfheim, but especially in Svaladal. If you want to get the Power of Jotunheim as soon as possible, the Tjarnar Mylna raid site in the northern part of Svaladal is a good place to find large groups of Jotnar reliably.

Where to Find the Power of Winter

As with the Power of Jotunheim, you’ll find the Power of Winter from Jotnar enemies. You may need to scour the lands to find enough Jotnar to yield a chance of them having the power, but if you go to a site like Tjarnar Mylna you should be able to get both powers in one visit. You can always scout an area where you see Jotnar with your raven, allowing you to check whether any of the enemies within range have the power icons above their head.

(1 of 2) The location of Tjarnar Mylna, in the northern part of Svaladal, where you'll find plenty of Jotnar.

The location of Tjarnar Mylna, in the northern part of Svaladal, where you'll find plenty of Jotnar. (left), You can scout groups of Jotnar with your raven to check whether they have power icons above their heads. (right)

Where to Find the Power of Rebirth

The Power of Rebirth, like the Power of Muspelheim, can be obtained from Muspel enemies. It can be more difficult to find than the Power of Muspelheim, since enemies who drop it are more rare. However, there are some sites where you’ll have a near 100% chance to find it. A good one in the early game is Uldar. If you clear the enemies roaming this settlement, you should come across at least one Muspel who will have the Power of Rebirth icon above their head. Be sure to use your raven to scout which Muspels might have the power if you’re in a hurry.

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