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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Blood Swine

Scott Peers

This mystery can be found in southern Eurvicscire, at a swamp northwest of Fiscartun.

The Blood Swine, Eurvicscire.

How to Defeat The Blood Swine

Weak Points

When you enter the swamp the fight with The Blood Swine will begin immediately. As legendary animals go, you should find this to be one of the easier ones, especially if you’re around the same level as the boar. This is because the boar is fairly predictable and slow with its attacks. We’ll go through those soon, but the firs thing you should aim to do during the fight is hit each of the three weak points which can be found on the right hind leg, left hind leg, and left front leg. You should find it relatively easy to hit all three, especially if you dodge while you have the Brush with Death (Way of the Raven) skill, allowing for a few seconds of slowed time during which you can position yourself to flank the boar and aim for the weak points. Once each weak point is hit, you’ll be able to perform a stun attack which will inflict massive damage.

Special Attacks

The boar has a number of special attacks which come in the form of yellow aura attacks and red rune aura attacks. The yellow attacks can be parried or blocked if you get the timing right, but you can also dodge them easily if you’re not too confident with the timing. Dodging them will allow you to flank the boar and retaliate with a series of light and heavy attacks, or with a high damage special ability of your own. However, if you manage to block or parry an incoming attack this will stop the boar in its tracks and you’ll be able to immediately retaliate without needing to bother with dodging and flanking. Go with what works best for you, but be sure to avoid the sweeping attacks which the boar will sometimes perform if it executes a successful yellow aura attack. You may need to dodge twice or roll out of the way to avoid the tusks in this case.

The boar has three red rune aura attacks which you’ll need to look out for. The most common one will be executed at close range to Eivor, and will consist of the boar kicking its front and rear hooves in the air. This one is easy to avoid because the boar will be stationary for the entire duration of the attack. As soon as you see the red rune aura appear, you can dodge, roll, or simply run out of the way and make use of any ranged attacks while the boar is stuck in the animation. Just don’t get too close to the boar as it spins and kicks. The second red rune aura attack is also performed when Eivor is close to the boar, and involves the boar taking a short run at Eivor as it swipes its tusks high in the air. This is another one which is easy to avoid with a quick dodge or roll.

The last red rune aura attack comes in the form of the boar charging at you from a distance. This one is also easy to anticipate because the boar will run away from you, kick its hooves into the ground for a few seconds, then charge you just after the red rune aura appears. You’ll have a few brief moments to plan the dodge or roll after the red rune aura appears, since the boar will charge you at a consistent pace. Once you get used to this you’ll be able to avoid being hit every time, but try not to become too complacent since the boar will often follow a successful hit with a series of swift additional hits.

So long as you’re aware of the weak points and special attacks from the boar, this fight should be a breeze.

(1 of 5) You can easily avoid the red rune aura attack where the boar is stationary as it kicks into the air.

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