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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Warlord of Melun

Scott Peers

Travel to Melun with Toka

This is the first quest of the main story in the Siege of Paris DLC. Your first task is to travel to Melun, a Norse settlement located south of Paris. Here you will meet Sigfred, the Jarl known as the Warlord of Melun.

Warlord of Melun, Siege of Paris DLC.

As you enter Francia you’ll need to row your longship down the river. There is only one way to go, so you can’t get lost. You’ll soon see a small docks highlighted with a quest marker, row the ship here to begin a cutscene. During the scene Toka will state that you’ll be riding ahead with her, while Pierre will ask you to speak with him in Melun when you’re done with Sigfred. Follow Toka up the hill while you listen to some of the commentary on the politics of the region.

What to Say to Sigfred…

When you reach Melun, dismount from your horse and follow Toka to the nearby guard. He’ll inform you that Sigfred can be found at the burial mounds to the east. Continue there with Toka to begin a cutscene, during which you’ll be introduced to Sigfred as he mourns Sinric. Sigfred will explain how the Franks killed Sinric, in his bed while he slept. You’ll be presented with a dialogue choice during this scene between the following options:

“I will stand with you.”

“I am only here for my clan.”

“Tell me about the Franks.”

The choice you make between these three dialogue choices will depend entirely on your own roleplaying preferences, as they don’t have any impact on how the story will play out. The only thing they will change is the brief response from Sigfred during the scene.

Kill the Franks Attacking Melun

After the conversation with Sigfred, mount up and follow him to the longhouse at the centre of Melun. Another cutscene will play, during which Toka will boast about the spoils that can be gained from Paris, while Eivor cautions her with a history lesson. The exchange will soon be interrupted by a man named Bishop Engelwin and a small force of Franks. Apparently, Sigfred hates Engelwin more than anyone else, since he was the main architect of Sinric’s death.

What follows is a brief fight with the Franks, while Bishop Engelwin flees. This will be your first introduction to enemies who actually fight on horseback, so be prepared for that if you forgot your armor. The easiest way to defeat the mounted enemies is to shoot them with your bow, but you can also sprint at them and attack them in melee if you prefer. Needless to say, a weapon with more reach will improve your chances of a hit. The fight with the Franks should be brief, and will end with a cutscene during which you’ll be presented with another set of three dialogue choices.

What to Say to Toka…

After the fight with the Franks, you’ll be presented with the following dialogue choices during a conversation with Toka:

“Killing his soldiers will stop Charles.”

“I will convince Charles.”

“Killing will not solve this.”

Despite the implication of a different outcome, it doesn’t actually matter which option you choose. Eivor will resolve to meet with Charles and attempt a more peaceful resolution to the conflict before resorting to war, but you’ll need to convince Sigfred to listen by first dealing with Bishop Engelwin. The quest will end after the scene with Toka.

(1 of 3) You can choose any option you prefer in response to Sigfred. It won’t influence the story ahead.

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