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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

A Feast to Remember

Scott Peers

This quest begins once you have completed The Lost Cauldron, but we recommend you complete A Gift from the Past before you move on to this one, as you won’t have a chance to romance Gunlodr otherwise.

Find and Speak with Suttungr

Now that Havi has secured Aegir’s cauldron and a gift for Gunlodr, it’s time to attend the feast in an effort to gain access to the mead. Make your way to Utgard in the northwest of Jotunheim, and avoid any guards along the way by keeping your cloak on. You’ll find Suttungr outside a wooden hall in the south of Utgard, just east of the Enchanted Tower. His giant size makes him difficult to miss. Speak with him to begin a cutscene.

Speak with Gunlodr and Attend the Feast

After the scene you’ll have permission to visit Suttungr’s daughter, Gunlodr. You’ll find her at the Grotto to the northeast. To enter the sanctum at the stone circle, approach it from the east to reveal a way inside. Go down the steps to find Gunlodr within, beginning a cutscene. Say what you like in response to her here, then follow her to the feasting hall once you’re outside. When you reach the hall a cutscene will begin, and you’ll be asked to give a speech. Choose whatever options feel right to you here, but know that the Jotnar will respond best to the following options:

  • 1 “I am a mighty warrior.”
  • 2 “I respect you.”
  • 3 “Let us just get to drinking!”

How to Encourage the Guests to Drink More

After the speech, you’ll need to encourage the guests in the hall to drink more mead. You can do this by engaging in different activities with them, including:

  • A drinking game combined with an archery contest
  • A fight fight with an old hag
  • Speak with the musicians by the throne, and retrieve the harp by speaking with the children and appeasing them by jumping into the cauldron
  • Steal spices from the kitchen (enter through hole to the right of the throne) and place them in the food on the tables in the hall

Whatever you do, once the progress bar representing the mead is depleted, speak with Suttungr.

(1 of 5) You’ll find Suttungr in the south of Utgard, outside a large wooden building.

Reach the Vault and Find the Mead

After the scene with Suttungr, you’ll need to enter the vault nearby. To reach it, use the rope line down to the houses from the feast hall, then jump along the rooftops until you reach the entrance to the vault. Once you’re inside a cutscene will begin, during which you’ll have the option to force Gunlodr out of the way, or romance her by presenting her with the gift or telling her that you wanted to see her. We recommend you romance her, but note that the gift option will only be available if you completed A Gift from the Past.

After the scene with Gunlodr, make your way through the halls to the northwest to find the mead up some steps. Interact with it to begin a brief cutscene, then make your way outside, where Suttungr and Loki will be waiting to confront you.

Boss Fight: Suttungr

First Phase

The fight with Suttungr is fairly predictable, and he is relatively easy to avoid, given his size. He has now special attacks in terms of red rune aura attacks, but he does have magical attacks which can cripple Havi if you’re not careful. First, you should hit Suttungr’s weak points on his stomach, left leg, and the back side of his right arm. The first two are easy to hit if you create enough distance between Havi and Suttungr, providing you with a few moments to aim and shoot. You can also wait to dodge one of Suttungr’s attacks, then make use of the slowed time if you have the Brush with Death skill (Way of the Raven). The weak spot on the back of Suttungr’s right arm will be more difficult to hit, so you’ll need to flank him or wait for him to turn if you want a good chance at hitting it.

Try to hit the weak points as soon as possible to take a large chunk of his health, then focus on combining melee attacks with ranged attacks, depending on your positioning. In terms of special attacks, these will come in the form of an ice rain which Suttungr will occasionally summon. When he does, you’ll need to make sure that you’re close to a fire, of which there are a few in the boss arena. If you’re not close to a fire, you will slowly freeze, causing Havi to lose health and slow to the point of being immobile if you don’t get to a fire quickly.

(1 of 3) Try to hit Suttungr’s weak points as early as possible in the fight.

Most of Suttungr’s regular attacks will be followed by two or three more each time he hits, each time gaining ground on Havi, so you’ll need to be prepared to dodge, roll, or sprint out of the way while keeping an eye on your stamina. Suttungr will also charge at Havi every now and then, which is easy to avoid with a quick dodge, but note that if he catches you at the end of a charge, he’ll throw you into the nearby rock and this will inflict a great deal of damage. Try to keep your distance in general from Suttungr throughout the fight, as if you get too close he’ll stomp on the ground, which will cause a great deal of damage if you’re hit. You can still engage Suttungr in melee, but try not to stay there for too long at once.

Second Phase

When you bring Suttungr down to half of his health, a brief cutscene will play during which he takes another weapon from the ice. From now on he will begin to use another special attack, which involves sending a shockwave of ice through the ground, which will freeze Havi upon contact. You’ll need to avoid this by dodging and rolling out of the way, but you may find it difficult as Suttungr can chain two or three of these attacks at once. Look out for the animation where Suttungr places his weapon on the ground, as it shines with a bright light, just before he releases the ice shockwave. You won’t be protected by any obstacles that you might try to bring between yourself and Suttungr, since the shockwave moves underground.

Another special attack introduced in the second phase of the fight involves Suttungr throwing an ice projectile at Havi. This will happen with extremely short notice, so you’ll need to pay attention to Suttungr’s movements. When you see him draw his right arm back, a projectile is imminent. Now is a good time to dodge or roll out of the way before it hits. Note that if the projectile is thrown at Havi while you’re next to a fire, it will put the fire out and you will no longer be able to use it as protection from the ice rain. This means that you’ll want to end the fight as quickly as possible in this stage, as you won’t survive long without at least one fire left to retreat to. If you do find yourself without a fire, try to use your most damaging special abilities to bring Suttungr down as soon as possible, while interrupting any special attacks that he might use.

(1 of 2) Pay close attention to Suttungr’s right hand, when he uses it to summon a shockwave.

Pay close attention to Suttungr’s right hand, when he uses it to summon a shockwave. (left), The only indication of when Suttungr will throw an ice projectile is from seeing his right arm raised. (right)

Ultimately, this fight should be relatively easy once you’re aware of the above mechanics. The slow nature of Suttungr’s combat means that you can mostly dictate the pace of this fight, at least until he begins to put the fires out. Take your time during the first phase to become familiar with the fight dynamics, and try to end it as quickly as possible during the second phase.

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