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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Trial of the Wolf - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Scott Peers

This page details how to get the highest mastery points for the gold medal during the Trial of the Wolf at the Hamtunscire - Uffentune Mastery Challenge.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Wolf Objectives

Objective Mastery Points
Headshot kills 506
Weak points hit 378
Destroy all the silos 116

Be sure to check the gear and abilities available to you for this trial.

Prioritize Weak Points and Headshot Kills

This trial will require some precise shooting of weak points and heads. This may seem difficult to do consistently at first, but there’s a method which will make it far easier for you to get headshots will the target is stationary. The most important thing to keep in mind during this trial is that you should prioritize hitting weak points and headshots first, and leave the destruction of the silos until last. This is because if you destroy a silo while there are enemies nearby, there’s a good chance that some of them will die from the subsequent explosion, which will deprive you of opportunities to hit their weak points and kill them with headshots.

With that in mind, the first thing you should do is aim to hit the weak points of enemies that you encounter. These will often be located on the lower half of most opponents: on their feet or knees. However, some elite enemies will have their weak points located on their chests, and they will often carry a shield which obscures a clear shot of the chest. In this case, you should hit the shield with a few drawn shots, or hit them with a melee attack, to stagger the enemy. You can then hit the chest while the enemy is staggered. Alternatively, you can wait to dodge one of their incoming attacks, then take advantage of the slowed time provided by the Brush With Death skill to aim and hit the weak point on the chest.

Stagger Shielded Enemies

The below gif demonstrates how to stagger an enemy who has the weak point on their chest protected by a shield. Hit their shield to stagger them, then quickly shoot again at the weak point before finishing them off with a headshot while they’re down. The same principle applies to other enemies who have weak points on their lower body:

Once you’ve hit a weak point, the enemy will usually fall to their knees for a few brief moments. This is your chance to get close to them and aim an arrow directly at their head, thereby ensuring the headshot kill. You should always get as close as possible to make sure that you’re hitting the head, and you should get an indication of the damage you’ll inflict based on how much red appears to cover their white health bar. In almost every case, all it will take is one shot to the head after hitting a regular enemy’s weak point. However, some elite units will require an additional shot, so try to be as close to them as possible when hitting their weak point so you don’t waste time moving towards them once they’re on their knees.

How to Destroy Silos

You will most likely need to kill all of the enemies in the trial with headshots (after hitting their weak points first!) before you can begin to destroy silos. However, if you accidentally kill an enemy without a headshot, you should still be able to earn the gold medal, since there are actually more enemies than you need to hit a sufficient number of weak points or get headshot kills. You should still aim to hit them all though, and the main thing to remember is not to destroy any silos while there are enemies nearby. If you’ve killed all the enemies in a specific area and all that remains there is a silo, you can use the Ranged Fire Strike ability to fire an arrow at the roof of the silo, which will set it on fire and cause an explosion soon after, destroying it in the process.

Ideally, you’ll have hit all the weak points and headshot kills necessary to secure those points before you finish destroying the silos. If you still need to earn those points, focus on finding all the enemies in the trial first. If you’re having trouble with groups of enemies, you can always take a more stealthy approach and make use of the Raven Distraction ability. This will also stun the target briefly, which will give you more time to hit their weak point or make a headshot.

(1 of 3) Most of the regular enemies will have weak points on their foot.

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