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Where the Stone Falls

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest becomes available once you’ve completed Salve for a Fresh Wound and The Thegn of Lincoln. The Shiremoot is about to begin. Hunwald, Aelfgar, and Herefrith have each put their names forth to become the new Ealdorman of Lincolnscire, and Eivor wants to ensure that there’s no corruption involved.

Attend the Shiremoot: Hunwald, Aelfgar, or Herefrith?

To begin, you’ll need to speak with Acha, who can be found between the town hall and the hospice in Lincoln. When you’re ready, attend the shiremoot with her. When you enter the town hall, you’ll be informed that each candidate has had four votes cast for them. It now falls to Eivor to provide the deciding vote.

What happens if you choose Hunwald, Aelfgar, or Herefrith?

HunwaldShow Spoiler

If you choose Hunwald, Herefrith will be revealed as a member of the Order of Ancients and you’ll need to defeat his soldiers before the quest ends. You will also be able to complete the quest A Sword-Shower in Anecastre immediately after this one.

AelfgarShow Spoiler

If you choose Aelfgar, the story will play out in much the same way as it does if you choose Hunwald. The only difference is that Hunwald will join your settlement with Swanburrow once The Lay of Hunwald is completed. However, you’ll still be able to construct Hunwald and Swanburrow’s House in your settlement if you chose Hunwald, and Swanburrow will still settle in Ravensthorpe on her own.

HerefrithShow Spoiler

If you choose Herefrith you won’t be able to complete the quest A Sword-Shower in Anecastre, and The Lay of Hunwald arc will end. Herefrith will be revealed as a member of the Order of Ancients at a later date, and he will betray you.

After hearing what Acha has to say, take some time to speak with other council members within the town hall. You’ll find them throughout the room, each with a chat box above their head. If you want to be sure that you’ve spoken to everyone, use Odin’s Sight to highlight them. When you’re ready to cast the vote, approach the western end of the room where the three banners representing Aelfgar, Hunwald, and Herefrith are on display. Interact with the bowls here to initiate a cutscene.

During the cutscene you’ll be able to consider the reasons for and against voting for each candidate before you cast your vote. If you voted for Herefrith, the quest will end. If not, you’ll need to fight Herefrith’s soldiers.

(1 of 4) You'll find Acha in the north of Lincoln.


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