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The Supply Line

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after War Weary. In an effort to weaken the Briton forces in Sciropescire, Eivor has been tasked with finding and burning supply carts in the region.

Destroy the Supply Carts

To begin, go to the refugee camp across the river south of Quatford and speak with the refugees there. They won’t be too kind at first, but after a few brief words from Eivor you’ll get the information you need. Choose whatever dialogue you want here. After the conversation you’ll need to travel to Dhustone Quarry, located southwest of the camp. The refugee will point you in the direction of the Hill Gate Remnants, in the hills southwest of the camp, stating that the quarry can be found directly south of here. It’s worth travelling to the Hill Gate Remnants to use the synchronization point.

Once you’ve reached the Hill Gate Remnants, head directly south until you reach the point shown on the map below, where you’ll find Dhustone Quarry approximately 450 metres from the Hill Gate Remnants. Now that you’re at the quarry, you can make your way through it stealthily and assassinate any guards that you come across as you burn the supply carts, or you can run through recklessly, releasing prisoners as you go to build your forces. Either way will work, but the latter will make this much easier and much quicker, albeit without the thrill of attempting to remain undetected which a stealth approach can sometimes bring.

(1 of 7) The location of the refugee camp, south of Quatford.

If you do choose to take a stealth approach, Eivor will still call out for the prisoners to revolt, which will keep some of the guards busy. This provides you with enough time to focus on locating and burning the supply carts. You’ll find them throughout the quarry, and you can identify them by their characteristic red roofs. Be sure to use your raven if you need to scout the area for them from afar. To destroy them, you can throw torches at them or shoot the fire pots often found beside them. You’ll find two supply carts outside on the northern and southern edges at the top of the quarry, and two at the bottom of it. Destroying these will be enough to complete the quest, but there’s more to be done here before you leave.

Free the Prisoners & Loot Wealth

Once you’ve destroyed four supply carts and completed the quest, you can free the prisoners held in cages within the tunnels and caves of the quarry. We recommend doing this last to avoid putting them in danger as you cause the supply carts to explode, unless you really need their help to kill the guards. All you need to do is open the cages and they will make their own way from there.

While you’re in the tunnels and caves of the quarry, you’ll come across three items of wealth in the form of two Nickel Ingots and one armor piece. The armor piece can be found on the eastern side of the quarry in a cave at its base. You can enter this cave by passing through a crack in the rock to the right of a cage filled with prisoners. Once inside, dive beneath the water and swim through the hole in the rock to the other side. You’ll find a wooden platform here containing a corpse, three pots of loot, a piece of paper detailing an Ode to Merton, and the treasure chest containing the Sarcophagus Shield.

(1 of 7) To reach the armor chest, enter the cave through the hole in the rock.

Once the shield is looted, go back through the water the way you came and outside to the bottom of the quarry. As you leave the cave turn east to the rope lift immediately to your left. Beside it you’ll see a bunch of rubble with some wealth beneath it, highlighted by use of Odin’s Sight. To destroy the rubble and access the wealth, take a fire pot from the opposite end of the bottom of the quarry, to the south, and place it on top of the rubble. You can then shoot the fire pot to destroy the rubble, providing access to the chest within which contains a Nickel Ingot.

For the second ingot, make your way to the northwesternmost end of the quarry. You’ll find another cave here containing a cage full of prisoners, with some breakable rubble to its right. As before, take a fire pot from the same place where you found the first one to the east, and use it to destroy the barricade, providing access to the second Nickel Ingot, along with an Opal on the barrel beside the chest.


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