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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

What Are Trade Posts?

Scott Peers

This page details how to understand the new Trade Posts system in the Wrath of the Druids DLC.

Azar’s Overseas Trade Post, Wrath of the Druids.

How to Build Trade Posts

The Wrath of the Druids expansion introduces a new feature called Trade Posts. These are settlements which you can establish to accumulate one of four different trade items over time: Clothing, Texts, Delicacies, and Luxuries. Once you build a Trade Post, it will begin to produce the trade item associated with it at a rate of 1 per minute. These trade items will be stored in the Trade Chest located at Azar’s Overseas Trading Post in Dublin, which you can access at any time.

The first Trade Post that you build will most likely be during the Rathdown Build Up main quest. Azar will give you the deed that you need to build Rathdown, but for all other Trade Posts you’ll need to find the deed for yourself. You can find the deed first by wiping out all the enemies at a Trade Post, then use your raven and Odin’s Sight to investigate the Trade Post for a clue indicating where the deed can be found. This will involve going to various locations throughout Ireland to obtain the deed from bandit camps, or hidden places. Obtaining the deed will take you no longer than 10 - 15 minutes in most cases, so setting up a new Trade Post can be done fairly quickly.

Once you’ve set up the Trade Post, you can upgrade it with three buildings. The set of buildings you can upgrade will vary from each Trade Post, but there are only 4 buildings that you can upgrade:

Building Effect Cost
Supply Depot Provides Eivor with arrows and rations when they visit 70 Trade Post Supplies
Storehouse Doubles capacity of Trade Chest at Azar’s Overseas Trade Post in Dublin (from 100 capacity to 200) 100 Trade Post Supplies
Raider Tent Increases the amount of trade items you receive when completing Royal Demands 140 Trade Post Supplies
Workman’s Cottage Doubles the rate at which trade items (Clothing, Texts, Delicacies, Luxuries) accumulate per minute (from 1 per minute to 2 per minute) 220 Trade Post Supplies

We recommend building Raider Tents first, since you can complete Royal Demands frequently and earn a lot of rewards in terms of trade items when you do. We’d also recommend building a Workman’s Cottage at each Trade Post as soon as possible, doubling the amount that you receive per minute. A Storehouse will become useful as you build more Trade Posts, but aren’t essential if you regularly visit Azar’s Overseas Trade Post in Dublin and take the items from the Trade Chest as they accumulate. A Supply Depot is relatively redundant unless you find yourself low on supplies and need to refill them with a fast travel to a Trade Post.

Locations of Trade Posts for Clothing, Texts, Delicacies, and Luxuries

There are a total of 7 Trade Posts located throughout Ireland, as shown in the screenshot below. There are two in each territory (aside from Dublin, which has one), named:


Name of Trade Post Trade Item
Rathdown Clothing


Name of Trade Post Trade Item
Lisdurrow Texts
Drumlish Clothing


Name of Trade Post Trade Item
Athlone Delicacies
Port Auley Luxuries


Name of Trade Post Trade Item
Ardmel Delicacies
Dysert Texts

The locations of Trade Posts in Dublin, Meath, Connacht, and Ulster.

How to Trade at Azar’s Overseas Trade Post

Once you have enough trade items to make a trade at Azar’s Overseas Trading Post, you can take them from the Trade Chest near Azar and then speak to her to exchange them for rewards such as new weapons and armor, longship schematics, settlement schematics, and tattoo schematics. You can also trade the items for Trade Post Supplies, which can be used to upgrade your Trade Posts with the buildings listed in the above table.

Increase Dublin Renown

Each time you exchange your trade items (Clothing, Texts, Delicacies, and Luxuries) for something from Azar’s Overseas Trading Post, you will increase the renown of Dublin by a small amount. The maximum renown rank for Dublin is 5, and each time you increase renown to the next rank, a new set of rewards will become available, including new weapons, armor, and schematics. You will also be rewarded with the Dublin Champion Bracers when you reach renown rank 2, the Dublin Champion Cloak when you reach rank 4, and the Dublin Champion Helmet when you reach rank 5. The other two pieces of the Dublin Champion set are obtained by defeating Lost Drengr in Ireland.

(1 of 3) When you build Trade Posts throughout Ireland, you’ll be able to fast travel to them and upgrade them at any time, while they also accumulate trade items.

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