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Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

The fight with Eadwyn can be difficult if you’re not prepared. She wields a powerful longspear and can move very quickly with it, so you’ll want to be on your guard at all times. You can parry her basic spear attacks, but she will often follow these up with a second spear attack (or flying kick!) soon after. This is a similar special attack to what Standard Bearers execute, only it deals much more damage. Brush with Death, as ever, will prove incredibly useful here, providing you with some time to breathe between each attack as time slows down. In addition, she will perform an unblockable heavy attack, indicated when she draws her spear back in preparation for a thrust attack. Since this can’t be blocked or parried, your best option is a dodge or a roll to escape its range.

In addition to the above attacks, Eadwyn will throw bombs at you. These are marked by a red circle on the ground as she’s throwing the bomb. Move away from these circles as soon as possible. If you’re caught in the fire, it’ll take a large chunk of health. Before you do anything else, you will benefit from hitting Eadwyn’s weak points, which can be found on her left leg and right arm. This will leave her vulnerable to stun attacks, which will deplete a large portion of her health. As you bring her down she’ll begin to take a drink. This will signal a heal, which is easily indicated by a white aura. You should interrupt this with an attack as soon as you see it to prevent her from healing.

(1 of 5) When you reach the inner courtyard, Eadwyn will charge you if you go too far forward.

Ultimately, this fight will be made much easier by the presence of Sigurd, Basim, Fulke, and Geadric. If you bring Eadwyn close to them they will likely attack her, each inflicting large amounts of damage. When the fight is over, you’ll need to decide Eadwyn’s fate. Despite the implication, this doesn’t have any significant impact on the story, so just go with what feels best to you.


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