Location: Skal to Your Wealth Mystery.


This page offers a guide on where to locate and how to complet Skal to Your Wealth, which is a Mystery located in Ledecestrescire.

Collect the Ingredients

This mystery can be found on a hill southwest of Repton. When you approach the man, he will tell you of his elixir that makes people rich! To make it, he will need you to fetch some bear testicles and lichen.

The lichen can be found in a well nearby the alchemist’s home. You’ll need to break the top of the well and hop down into the cave below to find the lichen you require. Then, the den where you’ll find the bear is to the west. Just follow the dirt path up the hill and you’ll find a lone bear near a shallow cave. Remember to loot the bear for his testicles, then return to the alchemist so that he can make you the elixir.

(1 of 3) First off, grab the lychen from the bottom of the well.

Return to the Alchemist

After taking the elixir, you’ll end up in the secret underwater cave beneath Besuncen Tor in Grantebridgescire. If you haven’t retrieved them already, you’ll be able to grab the Huntsman Vambraces from a Wealth chest nearby.

You can either choose to make your way out of the cave via the underwater tunnel systems or you can just fast travel to a synchronization point near the alchemist’s home. When you speak to him again, he’ll apologise for the inconvenience and the mystery will be completed.

The previous recipient of the elixir got lost and died in the cave beneath Besuncen Tor.

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