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Blood from a Stone

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after Pilgrimage to St. Albanes. Follow Fulke to Evinghou Tower, and listen to the conversation between her and Eivor along the way.

Find Brother Paul

When you reach the tower, follow Fulke inside. You’ll note that the tower has been sacked, with the fate of the stone uncertain. Fulke left it in the care of Brother Paul, who is now missing. Search the tower for clues, including a letter by the door, but all you really need to do is move the barricade beside Fulke. Destroy the wooden crate to the left of it and then move the barricade, revealing a door.

(1 of 4) Follow Fulke to Evinghou Tower, where she hopes to find Brother Paul.

Behind the door you’ll find Brother Paul, who has unfortunately been killed, and the stone taken. A brief cutsene will ensue, during which Sigurd blames Eivor for the delay. Respond as you will, it won’t change the outcome. The scene will progress to another outside, during which Sigurd attempts to make a deal with Eadwyn for the stone. Eivor, on the other hand, will refuse to break the promise to Geadric, starting a fight instead.

Fight Eadwyn’s Soldiers

You’ll have to cut through a number of regular soldiers, alongside two Standard Bearers. These are easy enough, but the true potential danger comes in the next wave, with two Arbalists. Kill these as soon as possible before they establish high ground. If you allow them to lock onto you, they can inflict massive amounts of damage in a short space of time. The second wave will also see a Skirmisher enter the fight, when can be deadly in their own right. Bring them down as quickly as possible with high damage abilities, and avoid getting too close.

(1 of 2) Defeat the Standard Bearers as soon as possible to prevent them from healing their allies.

Defeat the Standard Bearers as soon as possible to prevent them from healing their allies. (left), As soon as the Arbalists arrive, take them out. They will inflict massive damage if you leave them to their own devices. (right)

The fight shouldn’t be too difficult with Sigurd, Basim, and Fulke by your side, so long as you focus on taking down the elite units first. This is particularly important for the Standard Bearers, who can heal their allies, and the Arbalists, arguably the most deadly unit here. When all the Saxon soldiers are dead, Sigurd will approach you. You can respond in any way you see fit to Sigurd’s initial comment, it won’t change the outcome of the dialogue.

Should You Punch Basim and Sigurd?

Your response to Basim, however, will have a negative impact in terms of how Sigurd will perceive you further in the story. We recommend taking a breath, unless you don’t care at all for Sigurd’s approval. Ultimately, you can choose to hit both of them and you’ll still have a chance to redeem yourself later in the story, but the chances will be fewer. If you want the most positive ending, restrain yourself and stay your hand. After the scene with Fulke, the quest will end.


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