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An Honorable Death

Scott Peers

This page details the An Honorable Death quest, part of the Oskoreia Festival in AC Valhalla. Includes where to find the wounded man, where to find Kalf’s camp, and how to investigate Kalf’s fate.

An Honorable Death, AC Valhalla.

Where to Find the Wounded Man and Kalf’s Camp

This quest becomes available after completing Homeward. To begin, you’ll need to examine Gudmund’s Ship of the Dead, which is located near the centre of the festival grounds. A cutscene will then play, during which Eivor comments on the names of the dead which are carved into the hull of the ship. However, there is one name which isn’t carved: that of a man named Kalf. This name is only scribbled onto the hull with charcoal. Eivor is intrigued, asking Gudmund if he knows anything about it, but all Gudmund can say is that someone he didn’t know came by earlier, limping and staggering like he was on his last legs.

Gudmund was able to give a general indication of where the man went, so Eivor can attempt to find him. First you’ll need to head north towards the longhouse, where you’ll find a tree stained by charcoal. From here, follow the road north and keep using Odin’s Sight to highlight points of interest. These will lead you to Octavian’s Roman museum, and eventually beyond it to a wooden bridge further northwest. You’ll find the wounded man, now dead, beneath the bridge.

Once you’ve found the wounded man, you can read a small note that he left behind, which reads:

“I alone saw the attack coming across the West River. If not for my warning they would all be dead.”

This note seems to hint at a past battle which occurred at Ravensthorpe, possibly while the sons of Ragnar resided there. To learn more, you’ll need to find the lookout point where Kalf had his camp, located at a point between Ravensthorpe and where the Alne and Nene rivers meet. To find the camp, cross the bridge above you and take the road west. You’ll soon see smoke from a fire, at which point you can use your raven to scout the area. If you want to see the exact location of the camp, see the screenshot below.

(1 of 7) Examine the ship to begin the quest.

Investigate Kalf’s Fate - Where to Find the Evidence

Once you reach Kalf’s camp you’ll need to interact with the smoking pot. This triggers a new state of consciousness for Eivor, seemingly mirroring Kalf’s experiences. At this point you’ll need to search for evidence to investigate Kalf’s fate on the day of the battle that he mentioned. There are four pieces of evidence:

  • Fire pit at Kalf’s camp
  • Broken armring by the northern shore
  • Abandoned weapons by the southern shore
  • Burnt remains of longship bow at the bottom of the river

The first piece of evidence is the easiest to find, since it’s directly in front of you in the form of the camp fire. After this, you’ll need to head south towards the river, where you’ll find the remains of another camp on the northern shore. As you near the site you’ll begin to hear the voices of warriors. You’ll find a broken armring in this small camp which accounts for the second piece of evidence. The third piece of evidence can be found in the form of abandoned weapons, which Eivor notes were used by mercenaries rather than peasants. These are located just on the other side of the river, on the southern shore. Finally, the fourth piece of evidence can be found at the bottom of the river itself. Be sure to use Odin’s Sight to highlight its exact location. It comes in the form of the burnt remains of a longship bow, bearing a carved serpent favored by the Sons of Ragnar, which indicates that it once belonged to Ubba.

Once you’ve inspected all four pieces of evidence a brief cutscene will play, during which Eivor puts together all the pieces of evidence to form a narrative of Kalf’s experiences. It seems he was something of a hero, likely saving many of the inhabitants of Ravensthorpe by warning them, but he was punished for his method of burning Ubba’s ship, and suspected of having some part in the attack by the Saxons.

Honor Kalf at Gudmund’s Ship of the Dead

Now that you’ve revealed the truth of Kalf’s story, you can honor his name by carving it into the hull of Gudmund’s Ship of the Dead. All you need to do is return to the ship at the festival grounds and interact with it to begin the cutscene. The quest will end soon after.

(1 of 5) Examine the fire pit for the first piece of evidence.


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