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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Closing the Vault

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest becomes available once you have completed both Burning the Firebrand and Pricking the Needle. Now that you’ve identified two members of the Order, it’s time to return to Ljufvina to discuss who The Vault might be.

Inspect the Archives with Ljufvina

You’ll find Ljufvina at the Royal Hall in Jorvik. Speak with her to begin a cutscene, after which you’ll need to follow her to the Archives. Here you will need to inspect a number of items as before, which you can highlight by using Odin’s Sight. When you inspect Hjorr’s desk, you’ll find a hidden entrance behind it. You’ll need to smash the wooden barricade and then inspect the wine at the end of the hidden room. The wine indicates that one of the four may be intending to poison someone, leading Eivor and Ljufvina to the Yuletide feast.

(1 of 3) Inspect the note on Hjorr's table in the Archives.

Attend the Yuletide: Who is The Vault?

After the cutscene, follow Ljufvina through Jorvik to the Yuletide feast near the Jorvik Theatre to the south. When you arrive at the theatre, you’ll need to speak with Ljufvina and then each of the four council members, looking for signs to indicate which of them might be The Vault. Speak to each of them if you wish, and then return to Ljufvina. If you’d rather find out who The Vault is immediately, see below.

When you’re ready to accuse one of the four council members of being The Vault, tell Ljufvina. Ultimately it won’t matter, as the cutscene will play out in the same way and Audun will reveal himself to be The Vault before you are able to make a move. After the scene, you’ll need to assassinate Audun and kill his remaining warriors. When you’re ready, confirm the kill on Audun to initiate a cutscene. After the scene, you’ll need to regroup with Ljufvina and Hjorr to the east, then follow them to the Royal Hall.

(1 of 4) You'll need to speak with all four council members at the Yuletide.

Give the Silver to Merchants or Halfdan?

As you approach Ricsige in the Royal Hall, a cutscene will begin. During the scene Ricsige will be informed of all that has happened, and he will ask Eivor to decide who should get the silver between the merchants or Halfdan. Regardless of what you choose there will be no significant consequences, however we recommend that you give the silver to the merchants, as Halfdan will suggest that the silver should have been used for a better cause later in the story if you chose to give the silver for his war efforts.

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