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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

How to Find and Defeat Trawll

Scott Peers

This page details a guide on how to find and defeat Trawll, one of Sinmara’s Chosen in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

Sinmara’s Chosen are like Zealots from the base game and can be found wandering the three main regions of Svartalfheim. There are only three of them, with Rammr and Throttigr being the other two. They are strong enemies and each one fights in a different way, with unique special abilities. Since all of them are Muspels, they are also resistant to fire - so be sure to avoid using any fire-based weapons, runes or attacks. If you want to give yourself more of a challenge, we recommend increasing the difficulty settings from the gameplay menu!

Where to Find Trawll

As with the other members of Sinmara’s Chosen, you’ll find Trawll patrolling a specific area of one of the three main regions. This one patrols the swampy region located southwest of the Hodda Shelter, as shown on the map below. When you approach the area you should see the icon of a white helmet, which marks the location of Trawll. If you’re having trouble locating them, be sure to use your raven to scout the area.

(1 of 2) The area where you’ll find Trawll, located in the swamps southwest of the Hodda Shelter.

The area where you’ll find Trawll, located in the swamps southwest of the Hodda Shelter. (left), Travel along the roads until you see Trawll walking along them. (right)

How to Defeat Trawll

Trawll is the largest of the three elite warriors, and closely resembles a Brute enemy. He wields a large axe which has significant reach, so it can easily catch you off guard even when you think you might be far enough away to avoid an incoming attack. Trawll also likes to spam special attacks continuously if you’re within melee range, so it’s a good idea to create some space every now and then by kiting him a little bit. Once you’ve created enough distance you can use one of your own special attacks such as Throwing Axe Fury. You can also use Precision Axe Throw if you need to hit one of the weak points. You’ll find weak points on the top left and right shoulder, and on the left shin. These weak points should be fairly easy to hit with your arrows, but you can always use Brush with Death when dodging to slow down time for a brief period, giving you more time to aim and shoot. Remember to execute the stun attack which inflicts massive damage after hitting all three weak points.

The most unique special attack that Trawll uses occurs when he slams his axe on the floor, creating a dark, fiery smoke which makes it difficult to see all around you. You may find it difficult to see Trawll himself in this smoke, but you can use Odin’s Sight to highlight his position for a brief period. Alternatively, you can run away from the smoke and draw Trawll out of it. Just be careful not to reset the fight by running too far away. If you decide to remain in the smoke, be ready to dodge multiple attacks, as Trawll will soon close in on you now that you have limited vision.

In addition to the smoke attack, Trawll will sometimes leap into the air and slam his axe down on the ground, releasing splashes of lava in the process. This attack can inflict massive amounts of damage on the highest difficulty settings, so you’ll need to ensure that you avoid it most of the time. Thankfully, this can be done relatively easily with a quick dodge or roll out of the way, but don’t try to roll in the direction of the attack, since the lava will almost certainly hit if you do.

The most common special attacks that Trawll will use involve axe swings. The most devastating of these will be preceded by a red rune aura above his head, so most of them can be avoided if you pay attention and roll or dodge out of the way in time. However, there is one attack which Trawll uses where he pushes you back and staggers you. This isn’t such a damaging attack on its own, but if he follows it up with a few heavy-hitters, you can find yourself in a sticky situation quite quickly on the hardest difficulty settings, so be sure to dodge as soon as he does this if necessary. He will most often use it if you’re too close, especially after you dodge multiple axe attacks.

Finally, Trawll will also sometimes use a spear throw attack, which he will sometimes switch to just before he performs a charge. You’ll need to pay close attention to him to avoid this, since there’s no red rune aura to indicate when it’s about to be performed. The attack doesn’t usually inflict too much damage, but it can knock you down which will leave you vulnerable to other special attacks if you’re not careful.

Trawll Attacks

Axe Pushback

Trawll will often use this attack after a string of regular axe attacks, so be ready to move out of the way or create some distance after a few of those.


The charge is often preceded by a swift hand wave, but this will sometimes lead to a spear throw, so be sure to pay attention to see which it will be before making a move. You can usually interrupt the charge with a single regular attack.

Lava Leap

The lava leap attack is one of the most damaging attacks on the highest difficulty settings, so you’ll want to avoid this with a quick roll or dodge, but don’t move in the direction of the attack.

Spear Throw

The spear throw isn’t the most damaging attack on its own, but it can knock you over or stagger you, leaving you vulnerable to more damaging attacks while you’re unable to dodge.

Smoke Attack

Trawll will often use the smoke attack to blind you to an extent, but you can avoid this by using Odin’s Sight, or just by running out of the smoke and forcing Trawll to follow you.

Brutal Axe Swings

Ultimately, the brutal axe swings which are preceded by red rune auras, as shown here, will be the most common attack that Trawll uses, especially while you’re in close range. It’s important to avoid these with dodges, making use of Brush with Death, but you may also need to run away from Trawll every now and then to stop the chain of attacks and give yourself time to respond with special attacks of your own.

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