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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

All Gullnámar Wealth

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a quick overview of all Wealth found in Gullnámar, in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

There are x11 Platinum Ingots, x8 Silica Towers, x3 Armor, x1 Weapon and x3 Books of Knowledge for a total of x26 Wealth to collect.

Platinum Ingots

There are 11 Platinum Ingots to collect in this region. Head over to our page on All Platinum Ingots in Gullnámar for a more detailed breakdown, or use the table below for a quick guide.

Location Description
Fornama Dig Site In the western area of the dig site you’ll find a set of stairs descending into a river of lava. Use your Power of Muspelheim to traverse the river into an underground area where you’ll find the ingot.
Fornama Dig Site Found in the northern area of the Dig Site. You’ll need to shoot down a bag of rubble in the northern part of the camp to smash open the entrance to the basement area below it. When you drop down, you’ll need to use one of the oil vases to explode open a stone barricade.
Uldar Found in a house in the western area of Uldar, near the Jeweler’s District. As you enter into Uldar from across the bridge, you’ll want to take out the Ash Bringer elite enemy to obtain the key to the locked house across the lava river.
Smelting Foundry, Uldar Held by an Ash-Bringer enemy found near the entrance to the Smelting Foundry in Uldar.
Smelting Foundry, Uldar Found in a house in the eastern region of Uldar, near the Smelting Foundry. Head up onto the overhanging roof of the house and use the open window to head inside.
Southwest of Grenhellir Shelter Found in a small Muspel Camp on the river bank southwest of Grenhellir Shelter.
Skidgardr Found in a chest on the wooden platform up in a tree in Skidgardr. To get up onto the platform, you’ll need to use the Power of the Raven to fly up.
Onarthorp Found in a locked house in Onarthorp. To enter into the house you’ll need to break the wooden planks on the side window and enter in through it.
West of Onarthorp Found in a locked house in a homestead west of Onarthorp. To get the key to the house, you’ll need to complete the mystery, Carpe Diem, which is also found at this homestead.
Hreidmar Palace Held by an Ash-Bringer on the upper courtyard of Hreidmar Palace.
Hreidmar Palace Held by a Muspel on the upper courtyard of Hreidmar Palace.

Platinum Ingots can be held by elite enemies or found in chests.

Armor and Weapons

There are 3 Armor pieces and 1 Weapon to collect in the Gullnámar region.

Item Location Description
Fire Giant Bracers In a cave near the Smelting Foundry in Uldar Use your Power of Muspelheim to travel into the cave across the lava and make your way to the back of the cave via the path to the right to reach the chest.
Fire Giant Helmet Gomull-Brú The chest is blocked by a moveable shelf, found near a stone house in the middle of some lava. You’ll need to use the Power of Muspelheim to cross the lave, move the stone shelf and then loot the chest for the helmet!
Fire Giant Armor Skidgardr
Legacy of Ivaldi Hammer Hreidmar Palace found in a locked chest on the highest courtyard of the palace. The key you’ll need for the chest can be found in a cave on the lower level of the Palace grounds and you’ll need to activate Power of Muspelheim, and if you’ve taken out some enemies your hugr bar should be ready to go!

The Legacy of Ivaldi is the only weapon to collect in the region.


There are 8 Silica towers to pillage in Gullnámar and each Silica tower yields 2, so you can obtain a total of 16 Silica. They are exclusively found in raiding locations and can then be used to upgrade your Hugr-Rip. You’ll need to summon your raiding party to obtain the silica and you can either do this via your tool wheel once you’re at the destination, or by sailing into the raiding location’s docking area.

There are three raiding locations in Gullnámar - Stífla Mylna, Hvergelmir Mylna and Sudra Mylna.

Location Description
Stífla Mylna You can obtain x4 Silica from 2 Silica towers in Stífla Mylna.
Hvergelmir Mylna You can obtain x6 Silica from 3 Silica towers in Hvergelmir Mylna.
Sudra Mylna You can obtain x6 Silica from 3 Silica towers in Sudra Mylna.

Silica is an important material for upgrading your Hugr-Rip.

Book of Knowledge Abilities

There are 3 books of knowledge in Gullnámar: Rage Axe, Knockback Arrow and Explosive Retreat.

Head over to our guide on All Abilities found in Gullnámar for more information on how to solve the puzzles to access the books of knowledge.

Item Location Description
Rage Axe Uldar You’ll need to complete an light projector puzzle to open room where the book is found.
Knockback Arrow Old City in Uldar You’ll need to complete an light projector puzzle to open the room where the book is found.
Explosive Retreat Hreidmar Palace You’ll need to complete an light projector puzzle to open the building where the book is found.

All of the Books of Knowledge have light projector puzzles to solve.

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