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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Legendary Hoard Treasure Locations

Scott Peers

The Legendary Hoard quest can be accessed after you complete Pride of the Aesir. After this quest you’ll be brought back to Ravensthorpe as Eivor, and you’ll have the opportunity to sit by a fire where you can hear mythical tales from the age of Odin. These are well worth listening to, and after hearing each of them you’ll be given a map which provides a clue related to the location of some hidden treasure in Svartalfheim. This page will show you the location of each hidden treasure for the Map of Tove’s Tale, Alvis’ Tale, Randvi’s Tale, and Gunnar’s Tale. We’ve also included the text of each story if you want to hear it again and follow the clues within the story, which also provide hints regarding the location of the treasure.

Legendary Hoard, Dawn of Ragnarok.

Where to Find the Map of Tove’s Tale Treasure

The Mason Who Sought Renown…

“Svartalfheim was not short of legendary dwarven blacksmiths. Everyone has heard of Ivaldi, Brokkr and Sindri. But this tale is of a stone mason. He lived as far south as he could, where Gullnamar meets Vangrinn. His workshop sat upon the shoreline. Obsessed with glory, his love of masonry had all but died. He scoured the shore, seeking precious stones washed up from other realms. Then he saw it. Something beautiful, glittering, shimmering across the water, upon an island he had never dared travel to. He hastily built a boat, working long into the night. He set sail, and found many rocks that sparkled and dazzled upon the island. He cried out in joy! To craft anything from such stones, he would be remembered for all time. Then he felt a sudden sting on his foot. Then another. And another. His eyes adjusted to the dark… So consumed was he by his desire for renown, he failed to realize he had walked into a nest of snakes, until it was already too late. And so, clutching the stone that sealed his fate, there he died. Remembered, yes, but only for his folly.”

The island that Tove mentioned in her tale is, as mentioned in the story, just south of the border where the regions of Gullnamar and Vangrinn meet. If you’re having trouble locating it, you can check the map in the screenshot below. You’ll find the treasure beneath the tree on the island here, but beware the snakes which lurk around it!

Reward: 1500 Leather

(1 of 3) You can check your inventory for the map clue related to Tove's tale treasure.

Where to Find the Map of Alvis’ Tale Treasure

The Consequences of Thor’s Folly…

“Thor, fast to act but not so fast to think, would stomp and thump and fight and bump everywhere he and Mjolnir should go. One day, he fought a giant in Jotunheim with such ferocity that Thor’s killing blow was felt through all Nine Realms. The ground shook! Mountains rose up! Hills tore apart, creating canyons! And north of Svaladal… the massive lake that housed the springs of Yggdrasil split open, flooding all of Svartalfheim! The dwarf king, Hreidmar, acted swiftly. He built three mighty dams, preventing further damage to his realm, working alongside his beloved subjects. So surprised was one builder to see the great king working as an equal that he slipped, tumbling into the raging waters below. Without hesitation, Hreidmar leapt! Once from his horse! And again, from the center of the dam’s lip, diving into the frightful torrent! Before the builder could even cry for help, Hreidmar was pulling him onto dry land. And so two giant statues were built to honor the king, one for each leap of unthinking bravery, and stood until the end of days.”

You’ll find the three mighty dams that Alvis mentioned in the tale across the northern part of Svartalfheim. The treasure is located on the central dam, known as Midalstifla, as shown on the map below. You’ll find the treasure near the top of the dam just to the right of a large grate, which is also shown in the screenshots below. You’ll know that you’re at the correct dam when you see the two large statues of Hreidmar at either side.

Reward: 1000 Iron Ore

(1 of 3) The location of the dam mentioned in Alvis' tale.

Where to Find the Map of Randvi’s Tale Treasure

The Miner and His Calling…

“There was a dwarven miner who cared only for his work. Mining was all he knew, all he wanted to know, and all he would ever know. One day he heard a strange noise. All his long life, working in the northern mines of Vangrinn, he had never known a boulder… to squeak. He ignored it, at first. But as the hours passed, the squeaking continued, relentlessly. When the miner could take no more, he split the boulder apart with his pick. And then he saw… A squirrel. Until now, pinned by the boulder. Afraid anid tired, the freed squirrel climbed into the miner’s long beard and slept for three days. When the dwarf awoke the next day, he found fruit and nuts waiting for him. A gift from the squirrel. The first the miner had ever received. Finally, the miner had a friend. The squirrel led the dwarf to a stone hill within a lake. There, the dwarf would fish for supper, while the squirrel played in the trees. One night, watching his fishing line, the dwarf drifted off to sleep, smiling, enjoying the happy squeaks of his friend above. When the sun rose, its light did not find the dwarf, for he had turned to stone, his short-lived bliss captured evermore. The squirrel never left his side. Hoping his friend would awaken, just as the miner had waited for the squirrel to do the same.”

As Randvi mentioned in the tale, the miner worked in the northern mines of Vangrinn, and this is where you’ll find the treasure. You’ll need to go to the large pool with a mine at the center of it located in the northernmost part of Vangrinn. Here you’ll find a tent on the northern part of the island which is surrounded by the pool, with a fishing net nearby. Interact with the area near the red cloth to claim the treasure.

Reward: 250 Titanium

(1 of 2) The location of the mine mentioned in Randvi's tale.

The location of the mine mentioned in Randvi's tale. (left), You'll find the treasure near the tent where the old miner used to live. (right)

Where to Find the Map of Gunnar’s Tale Treasure

The King and His Legacy…

“Hreidmar. Greatest of dwarven kings. Within his palace in Gullnamar, he wanted for nothing except an heir. Hreidmar and his wife had grown old. Perhaps… too old. Late one night, consumed with worry, Hreidmar walked in the shadow of his vast mountaintop palace, tears in his eyes. “Great King, what ails you?” a voice said. Afraid, Hreidmar saw no one. “Who goes there?” he replied. Then he saw who addressed him. A vast and ancient tree, perhaps almost as old as Ymir himself. Hreidmar sat upon its roots, and told the tree he feared he was too old to give his subjects the legacy they deserved. The tree was so moved, it wept and offered its tears to Hreidmar. “Drink, Great King” it said, “and your woes shall be washed away.” Hreidmar observed the grass, the meadows, the leaves of the tree. His subjects’ happiness could be seen in how they cared for the land. His legacy was all around him. Hreidmar felt at ease, realising he had everything he needed, and asked that the land receive the tree’s gift instead. The tree’s happy tears flowed evermore, enriching the land. Nine moons passed, and a baby’s cry rang through Hreidmar’s palace. Long would dwarves place gifts in the weeping tree’s roots, in memory of Hreidmar and his kindness that shaped all he touched.”

The tree mentioned in Gunnar’s tale can be found by a pool in southern Gullnamar, southwest of Hreidmar Palace, or southeast of Onarthorp. The tree can be distinguished from others, as it appears to be weeping still, with water flowing from its trunk. You’ll find the treasure among some offerings just beneath it.

Reward: 10 Nickel Ingots

(1 of 2) The location of the weeping tree mentioned in Gunnar's tale.

The location of the weeping tree mentioned in Gunnar's tale. (left), You'll find the treasure among the offerings beneath the tree. (right)

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