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Carpe Diem

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on the Carpe Diem mystery found in Gullnámar, in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

Carpe Diem mystery is found west of Onarthorp.

How to Start the Carpe Diem Mystery

This mystery can be found in a homestead west of Onarthorp. As you approach the homestead you’ll be greeted by a wailing woman. Upon speaking to her,Liv will tell you that her husband has died and she wished she could have said goodbye. Havi will suggest that their new abilities could help this woman get the goodbye she wants.

Liv is crying over her dead husband.

How to Resurrect Liv’s Husband

It’s pretty unclear what you have to do but essentially, you’ll need to resurrect her husband so she can say goodbye. In order to resurrect the husband, you’ll need to have the Power of Rebirth hugr power and also have the Instant Horde upgrade. If you haven’t already got the Power of Rebirth, there should be a small band of Muspels walking the road in vicinity of this homestead, and you’ll be able to obtain the power from one of the elite enemies in the group.

Instant Horde Upgrade

In order to get the Instant Horde upgrade, you’ll need x5 Silica and x20 Living Sparks. You can then upgrade the Hugr-Rip power at a Blacksmith in any Dwarven Shelter. Silica can be obtained from raiding and pillaging the silica towers at the raiding locations. Head over to our guide on All Silica in Gullnamar for more information.

Living Sparks are a material occasionally dropped by Muspel enemies. They’re a pretty rare drop but you are guaranteed to get some from Flame Keeper elite enemies. The best way to get Living Sparks is to do a lot of raiding and defeat a lot of Muspel enemies - lucky for you there’s a lot of those around so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue obtaining them.

Instant Horde Upgrade.

Once you have the Power of Rebirth and Instant Horde Upgrade, return to the homestead and use the power in the vicinity of the dead body. You’ll then have to listen to a conversation play out between the woman and her dead husband. Unfortunately, he will not be resurrected for long, and when your power timer runs out, he’ll die again. The woman isn’t satisfied and wishes to talk to him again. There’s a Hugr tree nearby that you can use to fill up your Hugr bar. You’ll actually need to resurrect him two more times (so three times in total) to see the story play out.

It seems that Liv is not actually Bo's wife!

Eventually, you’ll discover that Live is actually a con-woman who’s trying to find out where the dead man keeps his treasure - he’s not her husband at all! At the end of the three resurrections, you’ll be able to take the key from the woman and use it to unlock the house where you’ll find a Platinum Ingot in a chest.

You'll get a key from Liv that you can use to unlock the house.

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