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A Barter for Peace

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the A Barter for Peace quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes what happens if you tell Guthrum about Bjorn, how to investigate the butcher’s house, and how to get inside the big house next to the Great Hall.

A Barter for Peace, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete A Barter for Peace

Follow Guthrum

This quest takes place seven years after Brother Ealric rescued the reliquary from the Isle of Ely monastery. In that time, Ealric has formed a strong bond with King Alfred the Great, as one of his confidants. However, Ealric now finds himself a prisoner of Guthrum, and has been held hostage in Chippenham for five months. In that time, Ealric has been able to influence Guthrum in subtle ways, to soften his transition into the Christian faith. But he’s not there quite yet.

The quest will begin with a conversation between Brother Ealric and Guthrum. This shows that they have a reasonably close bond given the context of their knowing each other, but Ealric is still a prisoner after all. You’ll need to walk with Guthrum as he makes his way to the church, located up the hill to the northeast. When you enter the church, Guthrum will be furious, noting that it has been plundered. Ealric offers to investigate, but Guthrum is having none of it. He orders Ealric to return to his cell.

Speak with the Witnesses

Brother Ealric isn’t one to leave a mystery unanswered. He takes it upon himself to speak with the nearby witnesses inside the church, in an attempt to find out exactly what has happened. There are four witnesses in the church, and although only two of them have useful information to share, you’ll need to speak with all of them before you can move on with the quest. The two people who have useful information to share are the child (Aemma) by the door, and Frode, who can be found in the northeastern corner near the altar. After speaking with both of these you’ll have two new objectives: investigate the butcher’s house, and investigate the big house next to the Great Hall.

Investigate the Butcher’s House

The butcher’s house can be found to the southwest of the church. You won’t be able to enter through any doors, so you’ll need to jump through the window on the northern side of the house instead. Once inside, use Odin’s Sight to highlight the point of interest on the ground. After interacting with it, Ealric will comment that these people have nothing, and are highly unlikely to have the relic. The quest objective will disappear after this comment.

Investigate the Big House Next to the Great Hall

This “big house” can be found just to the south of the butcher’s house. You’ll find Bjorn and some other suspicious-looking men at the entrance, blocking the way. Approach Bjorn to ask for entry to the house, prompting a guarded response from him. You won’t gain entry by any traditional means, so you’ll need to find another way in. This can be found on the northern side of the building, where you’ll see a hole near the roof. You can climb up here and jump into the building to find the reliquary inside, confirming Bjorn’s guilt.

(1 of 4) Speak with people in the church to learn more about what happened.

Should You Tell Guthrum About Bjorn?

Now that you’ve completed your investigations, you can speak with Guthrum in the Great Hall to the north of the house where you found the reliquary. You’ll find Guthrum feasting at his throne. He won’t be interested at first, but you’ll have two dialogue choices to convince him. The consequences of your choice manifest only in subtle ways, but we’ve detailed both below for you convenience.

What Happens if You Tell Guthrum About Bjorn?

If you choose to tell Guthrum that Bjorn was behind the stealing of the reliquary, Brother Ealric will tell Guthrum that Bjorn is organizing his men to flee Chippenham by night, leaving Guthrum to face Aelfred’s wrath alone.

Guthrum will note what you tell him, but will demand that you return to your cell. Two days will then pass, and Bjorn will come to summon you from your cell to Guthrum in the church. As you walk, Bjorn will scorn Ealric for bringing trouble upon him and his men, but Ealric will have some clever religiously-inspired retorts at the ready.

What Happens if You Don’t Tell Guthrum About Bjorn?

If you don’t tell Guthrum about what Bjorn did, the quest will play out in much the same way. However, Guthrum will tell Brother Ealric that he’ll find out who is behind the stealing of the reliquary himself.

Regardless of which option you choose, the main narrative of the quest will remain the same, but you’ll hear some amusing comments from Bjorn as he summons you to Guthrum if you choose not to reveal his role in the stealing of the reliquary, whereas if you tell Guthrum that Bjorn is responsible, you’ll get some fairly drab threats from Bjorn instead.

Collect the Relic and Follow the Messenger to Wincestre

When you meet with Guthrum he’ll tell you that he has agreed terms with King Aelfred, which include the freedom of Ealric and the baptism of Guthrum. The Norse warrior readily admits that spending time with Ealric has made these terms easier to accept, stating that it will lead to greater power, but Ealric hopes that Guthrum will gain more from his baptism than mere power.

After the conversation with Guthrum, you’ll need to pick up the reliquary and carry it to the messenger at the gates. You can then mount the nearby horse and follow the messenger to Wincestre. A cutscene will then play, during which Guthrum is baptised. The quest will end soon after.

(1 of 4) It doesn't matter much whether you tell Guthrum about Bjorn.


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