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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Where Fates Align

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the Where Fates Align quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes where to find Thor’s gloves and Thor’s belt, how to reach the well of Mimir, where to find Freyja and how to enter Folkvangr.

Where Fates Align, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete Where Fates Align

Follow Thor

The quest begins with Thorsteinn waking up in an unknown location, at an unknown date. If you’ve played the The Saga of the Snows quest line, the location will probably be familiar to you. As you gain control of Thorsteinn, walk forward towards the shore, and have a good look around. You’ll soon find yourself meeting Thor, and he’ll ask you to follow him as he mounts up. He’ll tell you that you’re likely here due to Loki’s tricks, and Thor has his own troubles due to them: he’s lost his gloves and belt, which he needs to wield his hammer properly. If you help to find them, Thor will help you by bringing you to Mimir’s well.

Where to Find Thor’s Gloves and Belt

Locate Thor’s Belt in Aegir’s Hall

As Thor sits down, you’ll need to make your way to Aegir’s Hall, which is just up the hill to the southwest. You can climb the rock as you would in any other context, or take the winding road up. Either way, once you reach Aegir’s Hall you’ll need to find Thor’s belt inside. You can take some time to read the points of interest, but if you want to find the belt immediately, you should look for the ladder in the northwestern part of the room. Climb the ladder to reach the attic, where you’ll find Thor’s belt near the window.

Locate Thor’s Gloves in the Barrel of Mead

After finding Thor’s belt, you’ll need to find his gloves. Exit Aegir’s Hall and make your way southwest, towards the large barrel of mead. You’ll need to jump into the barrel and dive into the mead to find Thor’s gloves at the bottom. Now that you have both items, return to Thor. He’ll offer to take you to Mimir’s well, so you’ll need to mount up and follow him.

(1 of 6) Speak with Thor and follow him.

Follow Thor to Mimir’s Well

Speak with Mimir

As you make your way to Mimir’s well, Thor will tell you a brief tale about Odin’s thirst for knowledge, and how he sacrificed his eye for it, thereby explaining that you must make a sacrifice to learn something from Mimir. When you reach the entrance to the well, you’ll find a man named Jostein crying near it. Speak with him to hear of his woes, then enter the cave and approach the well of Mimir. A cutscene will play here, and there are no dialogue choices to be concerned with. Unfortunately, Thorsteinn doesn’t find what he’s looking for here, even after sacrificing his place in Odin’s hall of Valhalla. Returning to Thor isn’t much help either. However, Thor offers to take Thorsteinn to the Norns, the Keepers of Fate.

Speak with Odin

When you see the Norns they won’t notice you, and you can do nothing to get their attention. You’ll need to dive into the well to trigger a cutscene, during which Thorsteinn meets Odin. Thorsteinn soon discovers that Odin isn’t going to be of much help either, but Odin at least refers Thorsteinn to Freyja. You can choose to go to Freyja now or wait a bit first.

Follow Freyja’s Cats and Enter Folkvangr

After the scene with Odin, you’ll find yourself on Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, in Asgard. Follow the cats and interact with them when prompted to trigger comments from Thorsteinn. Eventually, you’ll find Freyja to the northeast of Bifrost. Speak with her to plead for help, then mount up and follow her to Folkvangr. Along the way, Freyja will explain that it was always Thorsteinn’s fate not to enter Valhalla, but that he needn’t worry about never seeing Gunnhilda again. It seems that Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda are fated to meet in Folkvangr, Freyja’s great realm. When you enter through the doors, a cutscene will play during which Thorsteinn and Gunnhilda are united, and the quest will end.

(1 of 3) Speak with Jostein and then enter the Well of Mimir.

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