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Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page provides a complete list of all Artifacts found within the region of Oxenefordscire. There are 13 Artifacts: 5 Roman Artifacts, 3 Cursed Areas, 2 Flying Papers, 1 Rigsogur Fragment and 2 Treasure Hoard Maps.

Cursed Areas

Cursed areas are plagued by dark magic, but you can cleanse the area if you locate the Cursed Symbol and destroy it. You can do this by shooting it, burning it or hitting it with your melee weapon.

Location Description
South of Buckingham Shoot the barricade that’s blocking the tunnel beneath the large tree, then destroy cursed symbol within.
Southeast of Evinghou Tower Take the fire pot from the docks area to the west (across water) then carefully jump across the water using ropes and wooden platforms. Throw fire pot at barricade and destroy cursed symbol.
Thaerelea Ruins Enter through the crack in the wall. You’ll need to clear the poisonous gas clouds by throwing torches at them, and then maneuveur through the area with a fire pot whilst the clouds are temporarily dispelled.

Roman Artifacts

Roman Artifacts can be used to decorate your museum back in Ravensthorpe.

Location Description
North of Buckingham Take a fire pot from the top of the ruins, jump down and throw it on the barricade.
North of Perie Take the key from under rock nearby (use Odin’s Sight to identify location) then use it to open door to tower.
Southwest of Saint Albanes Abbey Shoot the link holding the net of boulders to gain access.
Evinghou Tower Look for a hole in the wall to the right of the barricade. Shoot pots behind barricade from here then go back outside and move barricade.
Southwest of Cyne Belle Castle Enter through a hole to the southwest to reach the room beyond the barricaded door.

Flying Papers

Flying Paper artifacts offer you new tattoo designs that you can unlock at your local tattooist.

Location Description
Buckingham Find paper atop the central longhouse.
Oxeneforda In the central part of the settlement.

Treasure Hoard Map

Treasure Hoard Maps can be used to lead you to some secret treasure.

Location Description
Hammeham Destroy the barricade over well, head down and find map at the bottom.
North of Eatun Barn Enter the tunnel from Eaton Barn, then use fire pot to destroy barricade.

Rigsogur Saga Fragment

Rigsogur fragments make up the Rigsogur Saga and there are 10 to collect.

Location Description
North of Derelict Shrine of Camulus Find the page in a ship. This area is explored during The Last Raid mystery.
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