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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Corpse Feeders

Scott Peers

Location: The Corpse Feeders legendary animal boss fight.


This page will offer a guide on where to locate and how to defeat the Legendary Animals, the Corspe Feeders in Oxenefordscire.

The Corpse Feeder Wolves

The Corpse Feeders are located in the settlement named Perie, northeast of Buckingham. For this Legendary Animal boss fight, you’ll need to battle with three wolves. Each is different from the other:


The white wolf is the smallest of the pack, he is quick and agile but also the weakest. This will begin the fight on the roof, you can head up onto the roof to single out the white wolf. The white wolf has only one weak point and it is on the left side of his torso.


The brown wolf is the largest of the other wolves and appears to be the alpha. He has a lot more health so will take a lot more hits. He will perform a lot of weaker (orange attacks) that can be parried, but otherwise, you can just dodge them. His weak points are on his front legs and on his back left leg.


The black wolf is the deadliest of the three. He is fast and he will lunge (red attack) at you and cause you to fall to the ground, and during this time the other wolves will join in and bite at you. To get free, you’ll have to mash the left mouse button, and keep an eye on your health during this attack, as it’ll be depleted fast and you may need to pop a health ration quickly. During the fight, you’ll need to keep an eye out for this black wolf, and prioritise dodging his attacks the most. His weak points are on the either side of his torso.

(1 of 3) The white wolf is fast but weak.

Fighting the Corpse Feeders

The fact that there’s three of them makes this fight a little trickier than some other Legendary Animal boss fights, since you’re going to have to track the whereabouts and attacks of all three wolves.

The best thing to do in this fight is to keep an eye on all the wolves and dodge whenever you need to. In this battle, dodging is your best friend! The ability Brush with Death is a great ability especially when you need to dodge a lot. When you successfully dodge with Brush with Death equipped, you’ll trigger a slowed time period, during which you can get a few uncontested hits in. During the slowed time periods, you can also shoot at the weak points of fast moving enemies - this is particularly effective against the wolves. Because of how chaotic and messy this fight can feel, it’s advised that you mostly dodge attacks, and only parry if you feel that it’s safe to do so.

You’re going to need to keep a close eye on all wolves to make sure you don’t get caught out.

There are lots of arrows and berry bushes around the lair, so if you need resources you can quickly disengage from the fight to grab them. Just watch your back!

Upon defeating these wolves, you’ll get a Death Hound’s Head which you can hand over to the Hunter in your settlement.

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