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Ulfberht Sword

Scott Peers

This page details where to begin the Ulfberht Sword mystery in Melunois, Francia, and how to obtain the Egbert sword by completing the mystery after defeating The Ulfberht Thief.

Ulfberht Sword, Siege of Paris DLC.

How to Begin the Ulfberht Sword Mystery

To begin the mystery, you’ll first need to read a note which can be found at the Pruvinis fort, located northeast of Melun in Melunois. You can infiltrate the fort from the southern side and assassinate the few guards in the area, then inspect the note on the table inside the fort on its southeastern side. If you’re having any trouble locating the note, just use Odin’s Sight to highlight it, which will also highlight some swords which are scattered on the ground nearby.

(1 of 4) You'll find the note leading you tot he thief at the Pruvinis fort, northeast of Melun.

Where to Find the Ulfberht (Egbert) Sword

Now that you’ve read the note, you’ll need to find the thief who stole the precious Ulfberht Sword. The thief can be found at a hideout to the north of Pruvinis. The location of the hideout is actually some Roman ruins at Blihaut, just north of the Pruvinis fort, as shown on the map below. When you arrive at the hideout, you’ll find a man standing in the middle of it, with some corpses all around him. The man will be talking to himself, and is clearly losing his mind.

When you speak with the Ulfberht Sword thief, you’ll have three dialogue options to obtain the sword:

  • “Give me the sword, or else.”
  • “I’ll buy the sword. (3000)”
  • “I will fight you for the sword.”

If you want to obtain the sword quickly without the need for a fight or payment of a hefty sum, you can choose the first option to persuade the thief to hand it over. This will require at least Charisma level 2, so if you don’t have that you’ll either need to pay the 3000 silver required, or defeat the thief in battle. As he seems to want the fight, we went with that option.

The fight with The Ulfberht Thief isn’t too difficult, but you’ll need to be aware of a few special attacks that he will use. The most common is a chain attack which is indicated by an orange aura. You can block or parry this attack to avoid it, which will also stun the thief and replenish some of your stamina, but if you’re not too confident with your timing of blocks and parries, a dodge or a roll will suffice. However, you may need to dodge multiple times to avoid the successive attacks. Blocking or parrying will stop the attack from being chained, so this is preferable.

The thief also has a red rune aura attack which can’t be blocked or parried, so you’ll need to dodge or roll away from this every time. Alternatively, you can interrupt the attack by using one of your own special abilities. The new Vikingr Salute ability is a particularly good one in this case, as the thief will run directly into it if you can time the execution properly.

Another attack that can be stopped is a ranged attack, which involves the thief throwing a smoke bomb on the ground nearby. This smoke bomb has a large area of effect, so you should run as far away from it as possible when it’s thrown. The thief will always follow it up with a charge, so be ready to avoid any attacks from the smoke. Alongside the smoke bomb, the thief has another ranged attack whereby he launches a projectile at Eivor, knocking you back if it hits. you can avoid this with a simple sidestep or dodge.

To weaken the thief, you can shoot his weak points which are located on his head, left foot, and right arm. You’ll then need to deplete the final stamina bar by inflicting damage with regular attacks or special abilities. Once the thief’s stamina bar is completely drained, you can execute a stun attack for massive damage. Once the thief is dead, you can loot the body for the sword and the mystery will complete.

(1 of 4) Try to hit the thief's weak points early on so that you can execute a stun attack.


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