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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

How to Find and Defeat Rammr

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to find and then defeat Rammr, one of Sinmara’s Chosen in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

Sinmara’s Chosen are like Zealots and can be found wandering the land - unlike Zealots though, there are only three of them. They are strong enemies and each one fights in a unique way! They are also all Muspels, and therefore, resistant to fire - so be sure to avoid using any fire-based weapons, runes or attacks.

Rammr is one of three of Sinmara’s Chosen.

Where to Find Rammr

Rammr can be found wandering around the roads between the two synchronization points in the central region of Gullnámar. She moves around so make sure to keep an eye on your map to track her down!

Rammr is found in the central Gullnámar region.

How to Defear Rammr

Rammr wields a huge tower shield and a big sword. Her weak points are her back, her left left forearm and her right shin. You could easily shoot her right shin as she approaches you as it isn’t fully shielded by her shield. Her left forearm and her back will be trickier weak points to hit. If you can get behind her then you’ll have a good chance of shooting her back, but her left forearm can only really be hit either from the side or when she performs her special attacks and temporarily puts away her shield. If you manage to hit all three weak points, you can get a powerful stun attack in. Don’t try to force this if you don’t see any window of opportunities to hit the weak points though, you may leave yourself vulnerable to melee and special attacks if you’re concentrating too much on using your bow and arrow.

Use your bow and arrow to hit her weak points.

One of Rammr’s special attacks is to crouch over and trigger a fiery explosion around her. If you’re far away, you can take this opportunity to shoot at her back or her other weak points depending on your orientation,. But if you’re nearby you’ll definitely want to focus on disengaging rather than whipping out your bow - you’ll get set on fire otherwise!

However, the big attack to avoid is her huge lava sword attack. When the power attack symbol appears above her head it’s time to disengage! She will draw up her sword and slam it down in front of herself causing massive amounts of damage and also creating a long line of lingering lava. If you’re caught in it it might even one shot you as the attack itself is super powerful and the lava may finish you off - make sure to spam heal if you get caught to try to counteract the burning! Obviously, the best case scenario is to dodge it but that’s not always easy. If you have the brush with death skill then dodging will also allow you to slow down time and get in some uncontested damage!

For defeating Rammr, you’ll get +2 Magma Blood, +2 Living Spark and a Broken Blade Piece.

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