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A Hidden Weakness

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after Honor and Enemies. In preparation for the siege of Paris, Toka has told Eivor about a smuggler in the slums, who may know something about a weakness in Paris’ defences.

A Hidden Weakness, Siege of Paris DLC.

Reach the Slums to Find the Nolwenn the Smuggler

You’ll find Nolwenn the smuggler in the Flooded Slums, located in the south of Paris. Once you’re in the slums, use your raven to scout the are and then approach the warehouse in the southern part of the slums. Along the way, use Odin’s Sight to highlight a drunken guard who will tell you to head east from his location to find Nolwenn’s warehouse.

Explore Nolwenn’s Warehouse

Once you’re inside the warehouse, examine the following three clues to learn more about Nolwenn:

  • The healing herbs on the western side of the warehouse
  • The arrows against the wall on the eastern side of the warehouse
  • The letter from Richardis, located behind a barricade on the eastern side of the warehouse

The first two clues are easy to find, but you’ll need to destroy a box which is blocking the barricade from being moved by shooting it through the holes in the wooden wall, just to the left of where you found the arrows against the wall. Once you’ve moved the barricade inwards and read the letter, you’ll be able to locate Richardis in the Saint-Julien Church, located just north of Nolwenn’s warehouse.

(1 of 6) You'll find Nolwenn in the Flooded Slums of Paris.

Find Richardis at Saint-Julien Church

When you enter the church a cutscene will begin with Richardis. You’ll have three dialogue options to choose from here, but it doesn’t matter which you choose as the outcome will be the same. At the end of the cutscene, you’ll need to follow Bernard to the entrance to the sewers nearby. These are the same sewers which you explored during The Rot in the Slums. As you climb down you’ll need to follow the linear path through the sewer. All other ways will be shut off for this quest so it’s impossible to go the wrong way, but if you’re struggling to find Nolwenn, you can use Odin’s Sight to highlight the marker.

Help Nolwenn Defeat the Bandits in the Sewer

When you approach Nolwenn you’ll find that she’s being attacked by three bandits. Help her in defeating the bandits, then speak with her to begin a cutscene. During the scene you’ll have three dialogue options to persuade her to provide information regarding the weakness in Paris’ defences. The first is a threat, which Nolwenn won’t appreciate and will result in failure. We recommend that you persuade her with the third Charisma option, which will also result in you taking Toka’s necklace back to her. However, if you don’t have at least level 2 Charisma, you can bribe Nolwenn with 50 silver.

(1 of 5) Enter the Saint-Julien Church to find and speak with Richardis.

Place Crates of Explosive Jars on the Bridge Weak Points

Whatever option you chose to get the information, after the scene with Nolwenn you’ll need to find the southern wooden bridge and weaken it. To find it, first head northeast in the same direction that Nolwenn is walking. Then follow the path north and use the key that Nolwenn gave Eivor to open the door. Continue north and then east up the ladder, at the top of which you’ll find that you’re under the bridge.

How to Place the Crates of Explosive Jars on the Bridge

Once you’re above the sewer and under the wooden bridge, you can begin to place the crates of explosive jars on the highlighted points. The first one is easy, and requires only that you jump to the first platform in front of you by using the wooden plank which extends to it. Once you’ve placed a crate on this first spot, go back and pick up another crate, then turn left (as you’re facing north) and use the wooden planks on this side of the bridge to reach the second spot.

To reach the third and final spot with a crate of explosive jars, you’ll first need to move two barricades which will allow you to jump between wooden platforms. the first barricade is a small one, located just beneath the second stash of crates. Move this eastward until it aligns with the wooden plank which is attached to the rope. Next, continue north and shoot the wooden boxes on the floor in front of you, which are blocking the way for the second, larger barricade to be moved. Once the wooden boxes are gone, move the second barricade westward until it aligns with the plank on the left side (facing north) of the bridge. You can now pick up a crate and jump between both barricades and the connecting planks to place it in position. When all three crates are placed, the quest will complete.

(1 of 6) Carry the second crate along the wooden planks on the left side of the bridge.


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