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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

How to Get Excalibur

Scott Peers


Where to Find the Mysterious Tablets

Although you can find the location of Excalibur at any time in Myrddin’s Cave, you won’t be able to pull it from the stone before you have found each of the 11 unique Mysterious Tablets. Most of these tablets can be found by completing specific mysteries throughout England, but three of them must be looted from Order of Ancients Zealots. See the table below for an overview of where to find the mysterious tablets.

Tablet Acquired From Location / Name of Mystery
Mysterious Hilt Tablet Mystery - East Anglia Grime’s Graves
Mysterious Chessboard Tablet Mystery - Cent Cavern of Trials
Mysterious Halter Tablet Zealot Woden - Cent Patrols southwest of Canterbury
Mysterious Horn Tablet Mystery - Essexe Old Cellar
Mysterious Chariot Tablet Zealot Heike - Essexe Patrols north of Old Gravesham Bridge
Mysterious Cauldron Tablet Mystery - Suthsexe Santlache Mine
Mysterious Knife Tablet Zealot Hrothgar - Suthsexe Patrols west of Crawleah
Mysterious Whetstone Tablet Mystery - Snotinghamscire Deoraby Spar Cavern
Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet Mystery - Eurvicscire Wiccan’s Cave
Mysterious Coat Tablet Mystery - Hamtunscire Wocig
Mysterious Mantle Tablet Mystery - Hamtunscire Red Lichen Cavern

The Location of Excalibur: Myrddin’s Cave

The legendary sword Excalibur can be found in the Hamtunscire region of England. More specifically, you’ll need to find Myrddin’s Cave, which is located in the woods northwest of Stonehenge, or in relation to a named site on the map: directly west of Readingum Abbey. Once you reach the location of the cave, approach it from the west to find its entrance. The path through the cave will be fairly linear until you reach a large chamber with a body of water at the bottom of it. Dive into the water and swim northward through the gap in the stone underwater.

Once you’re through the gap underwater, continue swimming north until you reach another large chamber filled with ancient Isu stone. This area can be a little confusing at first sight, but all you need to do is head southeast through a doorway similar to that which you encountered underwater. This leads to an even larger chamber where you’ll find some large stone tablets with inscription written in a language unknown to you. In this largest of chambers, head south and then east toward the central set of pillars, with Excalibur at the centre of them. Here you’ll find an inscription in stone left by Arthur Pendragon, better known as King Arthur.

(1 of 8) The location of Myrddin’s Cave, where Excalibur can be found.

How to Pull Excalibur From the Stone

Once you have all the Mysterious Tablets, you’ll need to place them in the pillars surrounding Excalibur before you can pull the legendary sword from the stone. This is a fairly lengthy process, as each tablet you place is marked by a brief cutscene. Once all the tablets are placed and the pillars lit, you can pull the sword from the stone, thereby unlocking the Caladfwlch trophy.

To exit Myrddin’s Cave, head southeast and interact with the cold fire to be teleported near the entrance.

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