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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after Defensive Measures. Now that you’ve established that the builder can summon a protective barrier for Asgard, it’s time to discuss his terms in exchange for providing it with the other gods.

Consult the Gods

You’ll find the other gods gathered just south of the Bifrost bridge, with Tyr and Loki being the first that you’ll encounter. Approach them near the large wolf cage to begin a cutscene, then follow them to Thor and Freyja nearby. You’ll have a few dialogue options here, but you can choose as you wish.

After the scene you’ll need to chase the large wolf which you met with Tyr and Loki. Eventually it will lead you to an open clearing of grass. Once you jump down into the clearing, a boss fight with the wolf will begin.

(1 of 3) You’ll find the other gods just south of Bifrost, to the north.

Boss Fight: The Lost Wolf

This fight can be difficult if you’re not prepared for the range of attacks that the wolf has at its disposal. The attacks that you’ll need to be most concerned about are marked by a red rune aura just before they initiate, so look out for this throughout the fight. The most frequent red rune attack will come in the form of the wolf burrowing into the ground and moving beneath it. It will then emerge when it gets close enough to Eivor and inflict a massive amount of damage with a surprise attack unless you avoid it in time.

The other red rune attack is initiated in much the same way as the first, but instead of burrowing the wolf will leap at Eivor from a great distance, and throw them to the ground after thrashing them in its jaws. Again, this is a high damage attack so you’ll want to avoid it at all costs. The wolf will sometimes follow this up with a unique attack which doesn’t have any indication of when it begins. It will dig into the ground and throw rocks at you from a great distance. This will usually last for 4-6 throws, but thankfully each hit from the rocks doesn’t inflict too much damage. You can easily avoid the rocks just by running away from them in either direction.

You should try to hit the weak points on the wolf’s right and left shoulders as soon as possible, making it vulnerable to a high damage stun attack. The most reliable way to do this is with a ranged attack, but you can also charge at the wolf from the side and hope that your strike hits one of the weak points. If you have the Sprint Attack skill (Way of the Wolf branch), you’ll be able to charge the wolf and attack it swiftly before it can react, securing a hit almost every time. Otherwise, we highly recommend using a weapon with enough reach to attack the wolf without getting too close, such as a spear or a large axe, though you might find the latter too slow.

(1 of 5) You’ll need to be ready to avoid a surprise attack when the wolf burrows in the ground.

In addition to the red rune aura attacks, the wolf can inflict a surprising amount of damage with its regular basic attacks. These can occur at any time and you won’t have much warning, so you’ll need to be aware at all times and be ready to avoid them. You’ll find the Brush with Death (Way of the Raven branch) skill extremely useful here, as it slows down time for a brief moment whenever you successfully dodge an incoming attack. This will give you enough time to quickly reposition yourself and retaliate with a few strikes of your own, while flanking the wolf. If you have the Grit skill (Way of the Wolf) at this point, you will be able to recover a small amount of health from the last attack that you sustained so long as you hit the wolf soon after.

When the wolf is defeated you’ll need to confirm the kill. A cutscene will begin and the quest will end.

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