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The Cursed

Scott Peers

How to Find and Kill The Cursed (High Druid Setnae)

You’ll encounter The Cursed as part of the main story, during Into the Fog.

Search for The Cursed: Clue Locations

As you move through the hideout beneath Tuam you’ll need to avoid some spikes on the ground. They won’t do much damage if they hit you only once, but you might as well avoid them if you can. After passing beyond two sets of spikes you’ll encounter a bear. You can shoot the bear from the ledge just beyond the spikes, and it won’t be able to reach you. Once the bear is dead, continue through the hideout until you come to a locked door. You won’t be able to open the door, but you can find a hole in the wall just above and to the left of the door.

After passing through the hole, you’ll find a number of druids that you will need to kill. Take them out from above with your bow, or jump down into the action if you prefer. Once all the druids are dead, it’s time to find three clues within this chamber. The first clue (a note) can be found on a table just beyond the locked door. The second clue comes in the form of speaking to an Irish Man who is locked in a cage within the chamber. Open the gate and speak with him to learn more about his situation. You’ll find the third clue in the form of a note on a table just to the right of where you found the Irish Man.

(1 of 4) You can enter the hideout through the hole in the wall above the door.

Meet with Ciara and Confront The Cursed

Once you’ve found all three clues, continue through the hideout to the other side (the southwest entrance) where you’ll find Ciara waiting for you outside. When you speak with Ciara a cutscene will play during which she explains the significance of the clues. After the scene, summon your mount and allow Ciara to get on. You can now ride to the objective marker in the south, leading toward the ritual near Carnagan.

Track the Púca

As you explore Carnagan you’ll need to examine the tracks of the Púca, a powerful creature currently in wolf form. You can highlight the tracks on the ground by using Odin’s Sight. Follow the tracks toward the southeast and examine them when prompted. You’ll eventually reach an area thick with strange fog where you’ll be prompted to examine the tracks again. After examining them you’ll need to fight the Púca until it loses about a quarter of its health. The Púca is extremely fast and powerful, so you’ll need to be ready to perform multiple dodges to avoid its high damage blows, while also refilling your stamina bar after each successful dodge. If you’re prepared for the onslaught this won’t be a tricky fight, but it’s just a taste of what is to come.

Eliminate the Cultists and Subdue The Cursed

When you’ve forced the Púca to flee you’ll need to follow its tracks again, this time to the ritual area in the east. As soon as you enter the area where the ritual is being performed, you’ll be attacked by The Cursed (now revealed as Setnae, Druid of the Mists), a number of druids, and the Púca. This will probably prove to be one of the most difficult fights you’ve faced in the game, at least if you’re not prepared, so we hope that you took our advice and stocked up on rations, arrows, and improved your gear as much as possible. You’ll also find the new ranged ability Irish Wolfhound useful here, as it provides another ally in the fight against a near overwhelming force.

As ever with potentially difficult fights, you’ll find the Brush with Death (Way of the Raven) and Grit (Way of the Wolf) skills incredibly useful here. The former will allow you to slow time whenever you dodge, providing a brief opportunity to take a breather and consider your next moves, while also replenishing your stamina bar after each successful dodge. The latter skill will allow you to recover some of your health whenever you strike with light attacks, which could make the difference and keep you in the fight after a tight spot. To handle all the druids and reduce their numbers quickly you’ll need to be relentless in your attacks early on. Use high damage area of effect abilities such as Dive of the Valkyries, Harpoon Impalement, Throwing Axe Fury, and Axe Blizzard. You can also try Incendiary Powder Trap to inflict a large amount of fire damage to multiple foes at once, but try to use this when there are a few enemies bunched together.

(1 of 4) Follow the tracks to find the Púca, and eventually the ritual grounds.

If you can take out the Púca first with your highest damage abilities, the fight will become a lot more predictable. The Púca is capable of attacking extremely quickly, and from a great distance, so this may throw you off guard if you keep the Púca in the fight for too long. The Púca can also spam ranged attacks, which when combined with ranged attacks from the other druids can become lethal very quickly. Once you’ve taken out the Púca you’ll have a bit more space to breathe. At this point you can try to kite Setnae and the remaining druids around the ritual area, attacking only when you have sufficient stamina. You’ll find mushrooms to replenish your health along the way.

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