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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Orphans of the Fens

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for the Orphans of the Fens main quest, part of The Song of Soma story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This quest begins immediately after The Great Scattered Army.

Light the Beacon

Having met Soma and offered her your help in the hopes of forming an alliance, the first task at hand is to reunite Soma with her closest advisors. To find them, you will first need to light the beacon atop the tower to the east. Before you climb the tower, be sure to take the treasure from the chest at its base. At the top of the tower you will also find a dead body, with a key and a note beside it. Loot the key and read the note for an indication of how to use it: to open a house nearby, northeast of Middeltun (precise location shown on the map below). Before you search for Soma’s advisors, you might as well take the treasure from this house.

(1 of 5) Once you’ve lit the beacon, be sure to collect the key.

Rescue Lif, Birna, and Galinn

Once you’ve lit the beacon your map will be updated with three new quest markers, indicating the location of Soma’s advisors. You can head to whichever you like first, but for the purposes of this guide we’ll start with the southernmost, located northwest of Middeltun. As you make your way through the swamp you will likely be ambushed by boars and bandits, but these should prove no real challenge for Eivor and Soma. When you reach the camp Eivor will comment on the fact that there are a group of Danes held captive. You can aim to free these first so that they help you defeat the guards, or wait until you’ve slain them with Soma.

One of the imprisoned Danes is Lif, an advisor to Soma. Free him and then defeat the rest of the Saxons. When all the enemies are dead, Soma will tell you a little bit about Lif. You can then continue northwest to the Grattian Villa Ruins, where you’ll find Birna. The hut in which Birna is imprisoned is guarded by a Pikeman. These can be tricky to deal with, especially since they have an unblockable special attack which they seem to enjoy spamming, with high attack speed. The best approach to dispatch them quickly is by using high damage abilities such as Throwing Axe Fury or Harpoon Impalement, but you can just as easily dodge their unblockable special while retaliating with your own swift attacks.

(1 of 5) Free the prisoners, including Lif, then take out the rest of the camp.

When all the guards are dead you can open the door to the hut to free Birna. Inside you’ll also find an Opal, alongside an interesting Old Roman Letter. When you’re done with the area, head east to find and free Galinn. When you approach the camp Eivor will note the presence of wolves. To get an overview of their precise location, be sure to use your raven. There should be a total of five or six wolves, which when dealt with all at once can prove a bit of a challenge. Well timed dodges and blocks / parries will be your best asset here. If you’d rather not risk death based on accurate timing, you can climb the nearby ruined walls for protection, which the wolves won’t be able to ascend, and shoot them from above.

After all the wolves are dead, climb the nearby watchtower and revive Galinn who can be found atop it. With the last of Soma’s advisors rescued, you can return to the camp at Middeltun to the south.

Return to Middeltun - Orphans of the Fens Dialogue Choices

When you return to the camp at Middeltun there will be a few brief dialogue options to go through. None of these have any significant impact on the story, so choose those which best fit your role playing. When the cutscene ends the quest will complete.

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