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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Tips & Tricks

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

There are a lot of new features in the more recent, RPG-based Assassin’s Creed games. Valhalla is no different, and this page will help you with some general tips and tricks to get you started in game. We’ll cover some exploration mechanics, combat mechanics, methods for obtaining resources, and what to upgrade first in the Ravensthorpe settlement.

General Tips & Tricks for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

  • Whenever you enter a new region, look for the nearest synchronization point on the map. Using this will not only grant you an easy fast travel point to the area, it will also highlight particular items of interest on your map, such as wealth items and mysteries.

  • If you’re unhappy with the skills you’ve chosen at any given time, you can choose to respec for free from the Skills menu. Just select Reset All Skills in the bottom right of the Skills menu. This is a useful feature which will allow you to play around with different builds throughout the game.

  • Whenever you see an object which looks fragile, it probably is. To be sure, use your bow to highlight things like wooden barricades over windows and water wells. If your crosshair is red while aiming at the barricades, this means they’re destructible.

  • If you spot treasure beneath the ground, there will always be a way to access it nearby. This will often come in the form of cave entrances located along shorelines, down water wells in settlements, or through barricaded tunnels in ancient ruins.

  • There’s no need to be frugal with your silver. Aside from upgrades for your mount and other minor features of your settlement, you won’t be using it for much. Instead, you should purchase Leather and Iron Ore from any merchant that you encounter. You can then use these materials to upgrade the valuable Quiver and Rations supply from your inventory.

  • Following from the above tip, you’ll want to make sure that your quiver is always full before you enter a fight. Arrows can be incredibly useful to take out units stealthily, but they will also prove invaluable for exploiting weak points in elite units.

  • To loot the larger chests found in monasteries which provide Raw Materials, you’ll need at least one other crew member to help you open them. If you find yourself in a monastery and you’ve already killed everyone but can’t open a chest, use your horn to summon your crew for help.

  • If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere without any nearby synchronization points, but you need to travel to somewhere in the general region, you can summon your ship to almost any waterway on the map from the Quick Actions Wheel.

  • Most barricades blocking entry to underground tunnels or rooms within buildings can be destroyed with a basic attack. However, some will consist of large rocks stacked together. Whenever you encounter these, there will always be a fire pot nearby. Pick one up and throw it at the rocks to destroy the barricade.

  • When you approach a quest objective, use your raven to scout the area and highlight the precise region of the objective. Once you’re in the vicinity of the objective, use Odin’s Sight to highlight its precise location, as well as any nearby objects of interest such as wealth items.

  • Beware certain mushrooms! Most mushrooms found throughout the world can be eaten to replenish your health or adrenaline bars, but some will quickly deplete your health. In general, yellow mushrooms are good for you, while red and black ones are bad.

  • Be sure to make use of the Feast Buff in your settlement. This can be activated by ringing the bell at the entrance to your longhouse. Once done a brief cutscene will play, at the end of which you’ll have various buffs to your stats which will last a few hours.

(1 of 5) Use the Quick Actions Wheel to call your longship to any waterway.

How to Earn Silver in AC Valhalla

  • Drinking games can be found in most major settlements, and are a great way to earn silver. You can bet between 100 silver and 200 silver per game, allowing you to double your earnings if you win.

  • Flyting contents operate in much the same way as drinking games in terms of earning silver. Unique characters in major settlements will challenge you to a flyting contest, allowing you to bet 100 - 200 silver beforehand. See our guide to flyting to ensure that you win.

  • Fishing can be a slow process in Valhalla, but that’s only if you use a rod or your bow. There are places throughout the game world such as swamps, shallow rivers, and springs where you can run (or ride!) through the water, slashing with melee weapons as you go. Collect enough fish and you’ll be able to sell them for a decent price to any merchant, including the Fishing Hut at your settlement.

  • Stealing is another way to earn silver, but the amount gained will vary considerably depending on what you steal. The most profitable method involves exploring every settlement that you come across, using Odin’s Sight to highlight the location of any minor treasure chests. These often contain at least 100 silver, alongside other trade goods which can be sold to traders.

(1 of 5) You’ll find drinking games in most major settlements, marked by drinking horns on your map.

Combat in AC Valhalla

  • The combat in Valhalla can sometimes be chaotic, and there are plenty of scenarios in which your enemies will seek to set you on fire. If this happens, you needn’t use any rations or run from the fight to revive. Instead, perform a quick roll (by holding dodge) to extinguish the fire.

  • Be sure to experiment with different types of weapons including axes, swords, spears, and flails. Each weapon type provides different passive abilities, but is also capable of different heavy attacks. No weapon is necessarily better than another, but using all that you come across will allow you to experience the full range.

  • As with melee weapons noted above, bows also come in different types: Hunter, Predator, and Light. Each have different passive abilities which relate to their maximum potential range and damage, while also allowing you to use different types of arrows. Predator arrows deal the highest damage at the longest range. Light arrows deal less damage but have a higher rate of fire, and Hunter arrows provide a balance between the two.

  • If you come across a poison cloud in specific places such as cursed areas, or if an enemy creates one as their special attack, you can disperse the cloud by throwing a torch at it. In a cursed area this will disperse the cloud for only a few brief moments, but it should be permanent against most opponents.

  • Whenever you’re fighting an elite unit with a lot of health, create some distance between them and yourself. You can then use your bow to highlight weak points, usually located on ankles, forearms, or on the back of some units. Hit these to make enemies vulnerable to stun attacks and inflict massive damage.

  • When fighting any enemy you should aim to parry or block their attacks as often as possible. This will leave them vulnerable to attack while you hold your ground. Timing is key: execute the block or parry just as an attack is about to hit you, not when you first see the enemy begin the attack animation.

  • You’ll want to upgrade your Rations and Quiver from the inventory as soon as possible. Focus on investing in Rations at least three times before you begin to think about using your Leather and Iron Ore for anything else. More rations means more instant heals during combat, and increased quiver capacity allows you to kill more enemies out of reach.

  • If you’re in a settlement, monastery, or small camp that you want to raid but your ship and crew aren’t nearby, blow your horn to summon your crew, thereby beginning a raid. You will need at least one crew member to help you open some special treasure chests, especially within monasteries.

  • Take note of the passive abilities present on weapons and armor. Some of these can be incredibly useful for specific fights, such as the Blodwulf shield acquired at the end of An Island of Eels, which provides a chance for your weapons to ignite.

  • If you’d rather not spend your time bringing down elite units with a lot of health, unlock the Advanced Assassination skill (part of Way of the Raven branch) as soon as possible. This will allow you to take down most elite units in just two hits, if you can catch them off their guard.

(1 of 6) Take note of passive abilities on weapons and experiment with them when you find new ones.

What to Build First in the Ravensthorpe Settlement

  • Hidden Ones Bureau - This building will allow you to identify members of the Order of Ancients throughout the world. Upon building it Hytham will teach you the classic Leap of Faith skill. You can bring Codex pages and Medallions from Order of Ancients members in exchange for new abilities and ability upgrades.

  • Barracks - The Barracks will allow you to customize your crew and create a custom Jomsviking which you can equip with gear from your own inventory. This warrior will become a member of your longship crew, accompanying you during raids. Other players can hire your Jomsviking, earning you 100 silver each time they do. The Barracks also come with an NPC who offers Orlog games.

  • Trading Post - With a trading post established in your settlement, you’ll have a permanent, reliable place to return and sell any trinkets that you gather while exploring. It also offers combined goods from all trading posts in the game world, including basic supplies such as arrows, but also unique weapons, runes, and schematics.

  • Hunter’s Hut - This building will open up quests with Petra, who you can romance eventually. You can also hand in regular and legendary animal parts to Wallace, who will provide you with rewards such as runes, ingots, schematics, and trophies. This building should be high on your list of what to build next for the quests alone, but the rewards can also be lucrative if you enjoy hunting.

  • Fishing Hut - This building allows you to use the fishing line, which provides an easy way to catch fish if you’re not fond of shooting with your bow or slashing through the water with melee weapons. The fishing line is also required to fish the greatest variety of specimens from small, regular, and big fish of different breeds. You can hand in your fish in exchange for rewards such as runes, ingots, and schematics.

(1 of 10) The Hidden Ones Bureau will allow you to hand in Order medallions and codex pages in exchange for unique abilities and upgrades.

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