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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Rude Awakening

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for the Rude Awakening main quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, part of the Battle for the Northern Way story arc in Norway.

This quest begins immediately after The Prodigal Prince. After a night of celebration to mark the return of your foster-brother Sigurd, you’re awoken in the night by the sound of one of Kjotve’s warriors, who has infiltrated Fornburg. Quickly follow them to the west and take them out as you see fit (a good opportunity to use your new hidden blade on a real target!). With the warrior dead, use your raven, Sýnin, to survey the area and locate where the other scouts might be.

(1 of 3) Use your raven, Sýnin, to survey the area where the scouts are located.

Find and Kill Kjotve’s Scouts

Once you’ve located the scouts in the hills to the southwest, make your way there and kill them both. Read the note in the camp for some contextual information about the intentions of Kjotve’s warriors, then make your way back to the docks in Fornburg to inform Sigurd of what has transpired.

Raid Nottfall and Destroy the Supplies

After the cutscene with Sigurd, you’ll find yourself at the docks with him and Basim. It’s time to exact some revenge on Kjotve the Cruel, by destroying some of his supplies in a nearby settlement. Get in the ship and head northwest out of the fjord, then turn southwest toward Nottfall. As you approach the shoreline, line up the ship and prepare for the raid. With the ship landed, raise your shield to avoid incoming arrows and move in to the settlement.

(1 of 3) Head northwest out of the fjord from Fornburg, then southwest toward Nottfall.

Supply Locations in Nottfall

Your main objective here isn’t to kill as many warriors as you can (though there’s no harm in aiming to do that), but rather to burn all the supplies. The easiest way to do this is by using your bow to fire at the fire pots, but you can also throw a flaming torch at them. Once you’ve hit the fire pots once, they should explode, destroying the supplies. However, try not to get too close to the supplies either as you hit them or for a brief period thereafter. Subsequent explosions can follow the initial one, and you don’t want to be anywhere near the pots when they explode.

The first two supplies you’ll find immediately to the east and west of the shoreline, located either side of the first house that you encounter between them. You’ll find another stack of supplies directly behind this house, and then some more at the back of the settlement, to the southwest. The last stack is directly in front of the southernmost central building at the back of Nottfall. When all the supplies are destroyed, the arrival of some ships will be noted to the north.

Before you go to the docks to meet the ships, take some time to loot Nottfall. You’ll find a treasure chest in the first central house that you reach from the shore, and another in the house immediately southeast of that. This second house won’t have any open doors, so you’ll need to enter from the open window as you approach from the northeast. If you have any trouble finding the treasure, just use Odin’s Vision to highlight it.

(1 of 5) Use the window from the northeast to enter the second house.

With both chests looted, make your way southeast to where you destroyed the second to last supply stack. Here you’ll notice an entranceway leading into a small cave, at the end of which you’ll find a barricade. Jump over the walls either side of the door and collect the Book of Knowledge to receive the melee ability: Throwing Axe Fury. Equip the ability from your inventory and then make your way to the docks to meet the new arrivals.

When you reach the docks a cutscene will follow, during which you’ll be introduced to Harald Fairhair, the legendary (and possibly mythical) first king of Norway. Go through the motions of the dialogue (it doesn’t matter which you choose, the outcome will be the same), at the end of which the quest will complete.

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